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OpiumHerz avatar 8:56 AM on 08.21.2014  (server time)
After being HUGE for one year...

Dear Dtoid,
sit down, we need to talk for a minute. Itís now almost bout a year since I became a HUGE member to support the Toid. I donít regret it but I think I wonít prolong this membership thoughÖ which kinda means I somewhat do regret it? Never mind, moving on.


See, I donít regret it because I like to support you. 25$ is practically nothing to me, especially given over the course of a year. And I like Dtoid. I know all the retards, are especially now once more, screaming how much game journalism sucks now, but I see that kinda different. If I would listen to those inbreds games journalism sucks now forever. But the thing is that I really didnít get my moneyís worth out of the membership. That isnít to say you didnít offer anything. I love the free beta keys, but then again I wouldnít have missed those if I would not have gotten them. Most of the betas, truth be told, I didnít even play. The only ones being Windborne, which kinda sucked, and Magicka Wizard Wars which was kinda rad.

And yet, there are some drops of bitterness. The site itself didnít really seem to progress in any way, even though there was a new flow of money. Letís start with the most obvious and notorious one: the fucking blog editor. You know, the blog editor that has been shit and half broken ever since, that could and should be replaced with a decent one ever since Iím here and that countless members complained countless times about already? Yeah, that one. And at least I for one am still missing a page where comments to my blogs specifically are listed, so I can easily find out when an old blogs gets a new comment. Because right now there, is no way to know that Ė but maybe that one is just me.
That I am automatically entering any give away as a HUGE member is also pretty neat. However, then reading that I have no chance of getting the actual prize itself because I donít live in North America sucks big time. Yeah, you offer compensation and I know itís not your fault companies arenít sending prizes from an European office (and also, I want to thank Andy Dixon here for being one hell of a cool guy Ė you know what you did, dude, and Iím still totally happy about it). But offering something along the lines of ďIf you donít live in NA and donít want the money compensation, you can get the physical prize if you pay the shippingĒ would have been hugely appreciated.
All the stuff I listed here also applies. Especially the interactivity with the staff is still a thing. We had the Community Discourse in the forums, we had multiple blogs about it and in the end nothing happened. Members, long time members, getting disgruntled and more unsatisfied, but there is no dialogue happening. Weíre over 100 forums pages into the thread and still at the same place as before. And itís not like staff doesnít know about it. Rarely someone shows up, but thatís it. One time postings, nothing consistent. Because thereís too much work, I can only presume. But when thereís too much work to connect with your customersÖ am I the only one seeing that there is something wrong with the whole situation?

That said, I myself am not really that unhappy. I won't go on a "Duhhh, Dtoid sucks now!!!11oneleven" rampage. Because I still like to spend my time here and because I'm not an idiot. But maybe someone just needs to spell it out this clear: you have a good bunch of regular customers who are unhappy. So unhappy that they're starting to wander to pastures they deem greener. Now if you don't put any importance on regulars, just go on. But so far it seems that the regulars were a good part of the soul of this place and I get the feeling you're bleeding out right now. And I'd actually to become one of those who will one day turn their back on this place because of this. I like it here. I like it that most people are easy going. You have - or had - some really cool people in here (of course there lies a part of the problem too - when I once asked "What would HUGE need for you to buy it?" there weren't really any usable answers, if I remember correctly).

Now of course I might be talking completely out of my arse. Maybe you're just raking in so much money you don't have to care about these matters. Or maybe you are so far down that you prioritize to fix bigger things. Maybe it's none of those two options and just something else. But guys, starting a paid service (even if it's just optional) and announcing big changes, than basically nothing happens... well, what do you expect? Once new stuff comes, I'll be gladly giving my money again for a membership. I'm not even kidding, I like to support like this. But even then, SOMETHING'S gotta give in the end.

Now, I'll predict what will happen now. A few people will agree and one or two staff members, like Niero or Hamza, most likely Andy too, will post a short little something. Because that's what always happens. And usually it's the only things that happens.
Little request to you: don't. Until you have something to say that will actually happen, soon, don't. Just let it maybe sink in for a moment. Think about it. And think how you will go on. Because I think in the end we will profit more from that. All I wish for is to finally come around with the big changes we heard so much about and for you to listen to your fanbase. The people who helped you getting where you are now. In the end you have to decide where you put your priorities, and what you have time for and what not. But you'll also have to live with the consequences.


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