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OpiumHerz avatar 9:48 AM on 02.07.2014  (server time)
1 year of DToid

It's about one year now that I started coming here on a regular basis. At first I was just a lurker. I only read content. Didn't comment, didn't blog, didn't have forum account.

I started blogging in April of 2013. Time for a little look back. My first blog was also the first episode of my ongoing series "The worst thing about censorship is ███████", describing the german ratings system for videogames. I went a bit in depth there before I started focusing on the games. I wanted to describe how censorship is still pretty rampant here in Germany, even though not nearly as bad anymore as it used to be. Still I'm not nearly out of examples, even after 25 episodes.

Funfact: the black blocks in my blog title are 7 blocks... 7 blocks that stand for f-u-c-k-i-n-g. Yes. I'm immature.

Since then quite somethings happened. I started to have really fun with my series and while I wrote some pieces out of the series here and there (have you read "The Raid On Castle DToid" yet?) my main focus was on that series. I feel I've gotten a core audience and even got the honor of being topsauces by the recappers sometimes, which surely helped a bit getting a few readers in. Some of them even comment and I'll try to answer there as good as I can, it's really neat. I would lie if I'd say that I don't like getting comments. And my shit even got frontpaged thanks to Andy Dixon. Which is actually a pretty big deal to me. I mean, this site is people's bread and butter and they consider the shit I write good enough to put it out there. I'm actually pretty humbled by this.

Funfact: the first recapper to topsauce one of my blogs was smurfee mcgee.

Now I kinda feel at home here. I blogged for years on a german anime/manga community called Animexx. I was a mod there and my blog was very Spider Jerusalem-like, I even titled it "I hate it here". I basically shat on idiots in public and really the only special thing was that I went the whole gonzo-route and that I was a mod. People were literally shocked when I asked someone if they're that moronic because their parents were related by blood. I also knew that shit wouldn't fly with most other communities, but then again I have to admit I was very efficient in what I did and in my active days my forums were pretty clean spaces.

But now I'm here and I feel pretty at home here. Anime/manga is simply not much of a topic anymore in my life at the moment and videogames take up the most of my time. I game a whole lot of more than a few years ago and while I want to tone it down a bit to make space for other hobbies, it still is the biggest factor in my free time.

Funfact: at first I pitched the series to The Escapist and wanted to publish it there on a paid basis. The editor-in-chief denied me, stating that she didn't see the potential for an ongoing series (recently I came to the conclusion I would have actually felt really bad for "selling" this idea, since it builds on the work of other people). Seeing how many episodes I already got out I'd say the joke is on them here. Also they seem to be in pretty bad favor for some reason.

Soon I shall start with what I dub "Season 2" of my censorship series. And I'm sure I'll also do some independent pieces inbetween. Don't fret, there is still a good bunch of material to write about. I like it here. I think I'll stay here. The folks here are pretty cool. The recappers, Else, Everyday Legend, Glowbear, Lion what's-his-name, Mr. Andy Dixon, Nihil, PhilKenSebben, usedtabe and all the other guys have the heart in the right place. Even though used seemed to be a total douchebag at first. Like... serious douchebag. Naw, he is allright. Don't even know why we pissed on each other at first.
But yeah, I like it here. So far, I feel at home, even though the site has changed a good bit, even in this short time I'm here. But oh well, there is still the basement to be a primitive piece of shit.

So let's raise our glasses to another good year. May it better than ever.
... you dicks.

Funfact: I wanted to write this blog for years now, but the technology was not ready to realize my vision properly.

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