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5:24 PM on 06.16.2010

E3: Portal 2 Videos...

6:19 AM on 01.24.2010

Modern Warfare 3, I know your secrets...

After the massive success of Modern Warfare 2 and the hoohar it caused in the press with its “No Russian” level, I can guarantee it will be taken to its logical conclusion next time around. Nothing stalks the modern battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, Palestine & Israel, Kashmir, Sri Lanka etc... and to a certain extent London, Newyork, Madrid et al - than suicide bombers.

It'll be controversial, the press will have a field day and everyone will scramble to youtube for the first glimpse of the 'shocking' new level - all the while the sales will come rolling in.

You can almost imagine the level already. Our friendly G.I. battles with his platoon to liberate some small Afghan village in the Hellmund - after wiping out a few evil Taliban on the way in and leaving the rest to flee, a nice local woman comes out of her hut dressed with full blue burka and promising ice cream for the gallant troops. Two steps too close and its 'ALLAAH AKBAR!' as she blows you all to smithereens.

Or how about this. Travelling through the back streets of Baghdad, you're part of a small specialist unit designed to take down the insurgents Shi'ite leader. You're accompanied by Ahmed, a local friendly journalist who is acting as your interpreter. You have to keep him safe and listen to his chirps of 'USA great' 'Cokacola number one' and whatnot - but you're not wholly convinced by him, not till he saves your life half way through the level. 'Wow' you think 'this guy is a-okay' - but at the end he detonates himself, blowing your whole unit and commander up.

I called it.
Modern Warfare 3 - Suicide Bombers CONFIRMED.

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12:35 PM on 10.15.2008


I'm loving this article from the Daily Star...

"ENGLAND wonderboy Theo Walcott owes his Three Lions success to footie computer

Skipper John Terry, 27, revealed the youngster only hit the back of the net for his country
after honing his skills on consoles.

The England squad often try out their match tactics on games like FIFA and Pro Evolution
Soccer and Theo has become a gaming wizard.

The 19-year-old was England’s hat-trick hero last month when he helped demolish Croatia
in the World Cup qualifiers."

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1:12 PM on 09.19.2008

GTA: Chinatown Wars First Screenshots Finally Up!

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