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1:52 PM on 12.19.2007

DNF Trailer ReMixed by ME -ActionFocus-

Duke Nukem Forever REMIX made by yours truly with ingame action slowdown, new soundtrack and enhanced voice… I made this because the ingame was so fast I couldn’t even see it, so I slowed it down and gave you all the chance to experience the duke love!


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8:50 AM on 12.19.2007

Warhammer + Football = BLOODBOWL Rower!!


Warhammer + Football =

That’s right Bloodball, commin at cha thanks to some deviousness from Games Workshop WOOT!

Blood Bowl is a "game" of American football played by the insane warriors of the fantasy Warhammer universe. Based on Games Workshop's renowned board game, Blood Bowl will allow you to create and manage teams that will take part in epic battles where fair-play is for sissies.

Various races of players are available : Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Lizard Men and Chaos.

Once you've picked your team, you'll be able to progress it through the various leagues, taking on opponents that have their own particular strategies.

Blood Bowl will be playable in two modes :
1. Real-time : for fast-moving and action-packed matches
2. Turn-based : for a more strategic style of play.

A multiplayer mode is also planned so that leagues can be created and managed on-line.
Blood Bowl is an award-winning tabletop game first published by Games Workshop in 1986. Since then, it has been re-published in 3 editions and 5 languages, and has been played by gamers across the globe.

Players take the role of a coach controlling their armoured and psychotic teams of Humans, Orcs, Elves, Trolls, Dwarfs and many other fantastical creatures. Dirty tricks, bribing the referee and even pitch invasions by fans are all part of
this colourful, violent and often humorous fantasy sports game.

Blood Bowl is in development on NDS, PSP, X360, and PC, scheduled for late Q2 2008.

SOURCE!   read

8:09 AM on 12.19.2007

Brain-training' expert links with Toyota on cars for elderly


The neuroscientist behind Nintendo's hit "brain-training" games is joining forces with Toyota Motor Corp to develop a car to keep elderly drivers alert to prevent accidents, he said Wednesday.

A research team from the Tohoku University will begin a study with Toyota in the aim of putting the car in practical use in 2015-20, said Professor Ryuta Kawashima of the university's Institute of Development, Ageing and Cancer.

The vehicle would be mounted with devices to "watch the driver's brain activity, automatic nerve reflexes, attentiveness and other mental and physical conditions," Kawashima told AFP.

If the devices detect signs of slackening concentration, they would alert the driver to possible dangers through alarm sounds and other means, including the use of air conditioning to invigorate the driver's brain.

Japan's rapidly ageing population means that there is a growing number of senior citizens behind the wheel.

An increasing number of accidents caused by elderly drivers has even prompted calls from some quarters for senior citizens to relinquish their driver licences voluntarily.

But Kawashima flatly rejected the argument.

"The recent phrase 'anti-ageing' stems from the notion that ageing is bad," he said, arguing that life could actually become better with age.

"We are pooling our wisdom to develop a system that would enable (the elderly) to become more active mentally and physically by driving a car," he said.

Kawashima chairs the university's newly launched study group for "mobility and smart ageing," which also embraces engineering and other experts.

He said Japan's third-biggest carmaker Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. had also approached him for a study on vehicles for senior drivers, although no decision had been taken on any collaboration.

Japan has one of the world's oldest populations.

The number of people aged 65 or older numbered 27.53 million in November, almost a quarter of the country's total population and up 39 percent from 10 years ago, according to official data.

"Brain Age" games for the Nintendo DS hand-held video game console have created a craze in Japan. The popularity of the mental exercises, which are billed to invigorate brain activity, is spreading to other countries as well.

The game titles typically check the ages of players' brains by quizzing them on mathematics, reading and other simple tasks. Players keep scores of their performance and check how their brains have improved.



11:47 AM on 12.11.2007

Clear Sky -- kinda like a sunny day in HELL!

SO! I was surfing my favorite “website here” and I came across this MOD called “Clear Sky” for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I was amazed at the detail and the focus in the mod and looked more in to it… after digging all of “30” seconds I realized Holy SHIT its no mod but an expansion and Float code upgrade making it look better and run like Glass.

Anyways Clear Sky is the first official expansion to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and im looking forward to this beast, its going to do what Mask of the Betrayer did for NWN2… which is a very good thing.

PS: Pripyat is one scary place, if done right it’ll re-engineer the way post apoc games will play. And speaking of Pripyat I am headed there summer of 10’ for a research trip wish me luck!


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Skys:


Year 2012. Six years passed since the time of the Second catastrophe to have made the April events of 1986 fade.
The game is set in the Chernobyl exclusion zone which turned from a destiny-breaker place into a threat to all mankind. The Zone is reluctant to open up its mysteries and needs to be forced to do it. It is a rare hero who can reach the very heart of the Zone onto find out what danger awaits him there.
A danger which, compared to marauders and enemy groupings, all monsters and anomalies, will seem a mere preparation to the meeting with something more fatal and threatening.
But for now… get ready, hero. Collect artifacts and trade, grope your path and keep an eye on the rear, catch roentgens and fight – only make sure you survive! And then, perhaps, if you are persistent and truly lucky, you will find out why all this had fallen on you.
Key features:
• Living-and-breathing world: virtual monsters and stalkers migrate around the Zone, similarly to the player they are preoccupied with day-to-day things – feeding, fighting, looking for prey, trading, sleeping, taking rest
• Freedom of movement around the storyline, limited only by the player’s will and abilities
• The world of post-Soviet environment
• Authentic objectives of the Chernobyl exclusion zone – the power engineers city of Pripyat, Chernobyl NPP, Chernobyl-2 complex of over-the-horizon detection and more
• Atmosphere of eerie mystery and constant danger
• Multiple game endings
• System of weather effects and dynamic day & night shift
• Photo-realistic graphics, adding to the game atmosphere immersion
• Realistic ballistics, extensive arsenal of real weapon prototypes
• Unique multiplayer modes implemented within the game entourage – artifact collection, anomalies, radiation, weather effects, day & night change etc
• Extensive map editor possibilities for multiplayer gaming


1:00 PM on 12.04.2007

RE-Education -- THIS IS METAL!

This is a collection of all that is Metal, may favorites and maybe some of yours, this is the gamut of what i belive to be the best there is out there in the sounds that i call HOME, this is what i love and what i need to get me through the day.. this is:


In Flames - My Sweet Shadow

God Forbid - The End Of The World

Lamb of God - Walk with me in HELL

Trivium-Ember to Inferno

Arch Enemy - My Apocalypse

Mnemic - Deathbox

As I Lay Dying - Confined

Children of Bodom - Everytime I Die


lastly its not Metal But.... ITS PURE ASSKICKING GOODNESS!

Celldweller - Switchback
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9:51 PM on 12.03.2007

Spellbound NFO release on Gothic *gag* 4 *please save my soul god*

The Name

Genesis - This name does not mean a complete restart of the Gothic series! Rather it means that something has changed. This is how the new developer, Spellbound, explained it. After JoWooD and Piranha Bytes split on the 22 of May 2007, the search for a new developer started and this search ended on the 23 of August when Spellbound was announced as the new developer for the next Gothic game. Piranha Bytes is the developer of Gothic 1, 2 and 3. JoWooD is the publisher of the Gothic series.

The Team

Spellbound has its headquarters in Kehl am Rhein, a city close to the french border, which is located in Baden-Württemberg, a state of the Federal Republic of Germany in the southwestern part of the country to the east of the Upper Rhine.

Spellbound has always had a history of being a French-German developer. With the French city of Strasburg being right across the river Rhein opposite to Kehl, the company could always employ people from both countries with both their individual and cultural backgrounds. It is that cultural diversity which the company believes has always proven to be advantageous for game development.

The company employs 24 firm coworkers, comming from Germany, France, South Africa and Russia, as well as approximately 30 freelancers [a freelancer or freelance worker is a person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer].

Some coworkers of Spellbound, under Jochen Hamma, the project leader, worked at Attic Entertainment Software and were in the project called Northlandtriolgy (Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny, Realms of Arkania: Star Trail and Realms of Arkania: Shadows over Riva), a series of computer role-playing games based upon the popular German pen & paper role-playing game Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye).

The Game


* It is believe the Trinigy Vision Engine will be used in the development of Gothic 4: Genesis. The Vision Engine is one of the industry's most advanced technologies for professional game development and has proven its versatility and reliability in more than 60 commercial game productions all over the world. Link to screenshots of games who used this engine.


* The graphics of the game and the music are expected to come close to the ones Gothic 3 had and be up to date and competitive on the market when released.
* Characters, story and dialogues will be Gothic 2 oriented.
* Jochen Hamma says that dividing the story into chapters might be the best solution, for example for changing graphical elements in the gameworld. Use of chapters again is therefore most likely.
* Gothic 4: Genesis will not be a prequel [a sequel to a film, play, or piece of fiction whose events precede those portrayed in the original work] to Gothic 1.

Game world:

* Rough characters, a play world in the european setting and as fans expect, a world to give you the feeling of Gothic!

RolePlaying Elements:

* Certain aspects of the game's roles mechanics, for example the skill system, are going to look much alike Gothic 3 ones, which are supposed to be considerably improved.
* Exploration and discovery are two of the most important basic principles of the Gothic series, these elements will get proper attention with Gothic 4: Genesis.
* The game will be visually convincing, it will have a dark atmosphere and feeling, the landscape and music will be in connection with an interesting narrative style and the character development will be typical for a RPG, which will recompence the player on its discovery journey.


* As for the interface, especially for combat, it will not be exactly as in Gothic 1, 2 or 3. However, for the fans we will make an interface that feels like it, one who has played for example Gothic 3 should easily find out how the new interface works, according to Jochen Hamma.

Combat system:

* Here Spellbound plans large changes. The combat system of Gothic 4: Genesis should promote more self initiative and be more dynamic.


Both developer Spellbound and publisher JoWood plan active community support over the entire development of the game. Thus there are plans to offer regular question times as well as to have a generally increased forum activity. The feedback collected will have a substantial influence on the development of the game. Beyond that, selected community members will be invited in certain periods to try the game in order to collect direct criticism and improvement suggestions. Jochen Hamma, the project leader, spoke about such a meeting in the middle of 2008.

Release Date

There is no release date for Gothic 4: Genesis, it is however certainly that the game will appear first on PC, later in addition, on consoles. When it comes to consoles we already have the appropriate tools for Xbox360 and PS3.

*i will be hosting home suicide classes in the IRC chat room Tuesday and Thursday for the underacheviers out there*

lets us pray.....   read

11:35 AM on 12.02.2007

Mike Huckabee <3's Chuck!


im so absolutely sure this has been posted but, this must be seen...

btw Hellgate: London isnt all its cracked up to be, its a Money trap and you are the prize! i feel like i was raped by a 300lbs gorilla, and he didnt use lube :(   read

5:00 AM on 10.31.2007

Hellgate the wait... 01:06:03

Its amost 6am EDT, and Hellgate comes in a mere 6 more hours… ive been waiting for this day since I beat Diablo 2 and watched Baal fall screaming into the efface of death oh so many years ago.

Ive slept a total of 2 hours, and I don’t know if I can sleep anymore. My eyes hurt like I have lava for tears, my head is spinning and I cant get off the ride of crazy…

But it is coming.. Hell is coming for me and im waiting with open arms..

10/31/2007 6:03:41 AM   read

9:31 AM on 10.24.2007

unOffical Hellgate Q&A ((Cola Sword and inGame Adverstising you say?))

Some true and false about Hellgate: London

1. Hellgate: London is hacking my computers! = FALSE
2. Hellgate: London uses in game ads! = FALSE
3. Hellgate: London makes you pay for content = FALSE
4. Hellgate: London is an MMO = FALSE
5. Hellgate: London cannot (any number of things wow, etc. does) = TRUE
6. Hellgate: London stole my wife (significant other) = TRUE
7. Hellgate: London nerfed the cola sword! WTFBBQ = TRUE
8. Hellgate: London i heard they have achievements = TRUE

1) There is only the normal active process scanner that all MMO employ to search for malicious programs; Flagship can only see the names of processes currently running while Hellgate is on your computer. This is in attempt to stop and block hacks and other programs for disrupting the game for others. All major MMO’s use this tactic and have been since the days of Ultima Online.

2) No in game ads are used except the static art on the walls, there will not be any type of advertising in the game that’s not part of the core textures and graphics that ship live, there’s is far to much going on to even allow advertising the likes of Battlefield. Splitercell has static mesh textures that display certain ads in the game world that work well with it. Again im saying this is Not Anarchy Online, or will it ever be with dynamic ads

3) All content will eventually be made available via updates or expansions, as a hint to up coming expansions I can tell you there’s an extra class planned for every faction (military, cabalist, templar) and the title suggest accurately that there will be other places to “purify” of demons 

4) This is not a true MMO, this is most like Diablo 2 with out the need to create a game, group is like D2 as well in the regard if your on a mission and someone else is as well you can auto group and you will join there mission already in progress. It’s an MMO in the regards it mixes the chat rooms with the game play and the player hubs are where you can meet and greet but its mainly a cooperative and group oriented playfield. The entire game can also be completed solo with no need to group.

5) This is not WoW, this is not Diablo 2, and this is not Guild Wars. Please understand that what you’re playing is a new type of game. If you want Diablo 3 style of game then I suggest you look into Mythos from Flagship Studios and sign up for the beta, its like Dungeon Runners but done correctly. And if you must compare this game then you are most likely playing this for the wrong reasons. Hellgate is just that: Hellgate. It is setting a new standard in online gaming.

6) I am deeply sorry to inform you that once you start playing your life is forfeit, we have known about this for sometime. On the bright side you wont need a sweater this winter since you wont be outside in the cold snowy overcast day. Come in, sit down and have a cup of tea with Satan!

7) Sometimes an item of such power just cannot be wielded by anyone, yes the cola sword lives… but only as a memory R.I.P. Cola Sword 08/23/2008 we will miss you dearly!

8) you heard right! there will be 100's of unlockable ingame achievements that you can use to customize your avatar, this is NOT as gay as (everyones a ninja in halo 3) but rather these are very hard very involved unlockables that create a unique and utllerly kick ass exsperiance in the world. theres everything planned from unique effects to customised and personal weapons down to unique one of a kind pets!

And for some other information here is a brief explanation of the EULA:

EULA Explanation
We just made some big announcements about Hellgate: London, and it’s been great to see all of the excited comments regarding what we have in store for our players on day one and onward. On the flip side, we’ve also heard grumblings about the EULA that went out with our DX9 single-player demo.

We want to make something very clear. We are in no way scanning your computers for your personal information or taking any personal information without your knowledge. The only time that Flagship or Ping0 would collect your personally identifiable information is when you actually decide to give it to us. Examples are when you create an account for Hellgate: London online or when you provide us your personal information when you enter a contest. The language in the portion of the EULA that has been cited is actually fairly standardized language that is used in the vast majority of EULAs for recent on-line software. It was unfortunately also somewhat broad in scope and potentially ambiguous in nature in an attempt to keep the legalese at a minimum.

This catch-all statement was included so that we have the ability to determine if someone is using hacks, unauthorized mods or other abusive applications while playing the game which spoils the gameplay for everyone else. We also use this catch-all to protect other parties offering technical support, such as our online provider, Ping0. This is a completely legitimate function and other leaders in the MMO space do it in an effort to stop hackers and provide better technical support. In order to stop hacks and cheats, as well as attempts at outright fraud, we may need the ability to scan our player’s computers for applications running at the same time as our game. This paragraph was designed to be able to allow for such functionality. It is also important to point out that EA does not determine what we do in regards to online and offline for our game security.

Also, this has nothing specifically to do with advertisements. EA has nothing do with Massive or potential ad-serving in Hellgate: London. First and foremost, any in-game advertising that would be in Hellgate: London is there to simulate how London looks in the real-world. Ads that represent this have been in the entirety of the beta, and in fact, have been shown in the game for well over a year. The fact is that we did not agree to potentially have ads in the game just to make more money. If we did not work with Massive, we would have to get individual approvals from every single company that we want to feature in the Underground stations. This is simply too time consuming and it’s much better to have the experts to do it, allowing us time to focus on making Hellgate: London better and better while getting a realistic portrayal of London in the process.

Should we elect to serve ads, they must be approved by us, Flagship Studios. We would demand that they be in-context with the game world - aged, weathered, only shown in appropriate areas, just as the static posters you see in the Stations are now. We have no interest in putting giant, bright-white billboard in the middle of your battles or having you wield swords of Brand X Cola.

Finally, Hellgate: London and all of the online play and components are controlled by Flagship Studios and Ping0. We’re all gamers here, and we’re as sensitive to protecting our personal information as you are. This is why we have spent the past six months becoming a member of the ESRB Privacy Online certification program. This means that we’re meeting the most rigorous standards in the industry for protecting your privacy and the information that you provide us.

We hope this helps address the concerns of our community.
See you online!
Posted by: Kaiser on Tue, 10/23/2007 - 21:45

I hope this helps clear up any confusion with Hellgate, Enjoy your stay, I know Holloway will (wink, wink)   read

2:07 AM on 10.23.2007

Jericho Comming Today for all GameTap Players!

Small little blurb, but if your jonesin for some jericho (heh) and your lucky enough to have GameTap then log on sometime after 8amEST and start downloading your day away...

BTW if you look to the lower left you'll see GRIMM... Yes thats American McGee's Grimm that will be going live soon for GameTap in its first alliteration...   read

9:31 PM on 10.04.2007

Gothic 4 Announced . . . BREAKING NEWS: There is no GOD

Gothic 4 Commin at Ya – Console and PC – There is no GOD

Liezen, Austria, 23rd of August: JoWooD Productions Software AG is proud to present the Spellbound Entertainment AG as the official developing team for Gothic 4. One of the most convincing and central arguments for choosing Spellbound, was the scope of RPG experience brought in by Spellbound team member Jochen Hamma, who was involved in creating the legendary "Nordland Trilogy" based upon the Pen & Paper RPG "Das Schwarze Auge". Furthermore, Spellbound has created own tools for achieving exceptional standards in Quality and Quality Assurance. Both parties are confident to produce a game of highest quality, and Spellbound intends to focus on the traditional strengths of the brand, setting new standards in the original, authentic Gothic essentials.

At the Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig, Mr. Jochen Hamma, Spellbounds Executive Producer, is showing the first facts and plans to curious fans and special interest media, outlining which strengths are essentially to be intensified, and which weaknesses are tagged for elimination.

In addition to these efforts, Spellbound will work together with the community patch taskforce in order to create a new patch for Gothic 3 during the next weeks. This is an additional proof that JoWooD Productions keeps supporting the Gothic 3 community and does not neglect that further work has to be made in order to exceed customers' and gamers' expectations.

Gothic 4 is being developed for PC and Current Gen console systems, a release date will be announced in the coming weeks.

About Spellbound Entertainment AG:
The Spellbound Entertainment AG is one of the leading German Game developers. The company based in Kehl has been responsible for the creation of more than 20 games. Spellbound got known internationally by its Desperados and Airline Tycoon series that sold worldwide with great success.

Spellbound Entertainment has brought gamers the wild west series Desperados 1 & 2, as well as Robin Hood and Airline Tycoon Deluxe. Both parties assure gamers that Spellbound will keep the fundamentals of the Gothic series intact while striving to create a new sensational role-playing game. This chapter of Gothic will be the first of the RPG series to be developed for “current gen” consoles as well as the PC.

If any of you feel compelled to slit your wrists I am sorry, im so very sorry...   read

7:09 AM on 09.30.2007

nVidia 163.71 (Bio BOOST and Crysis?) + nTune How to Safely OC your RIG!

Nvidia give a free 10FPS per "The Way its Ment to be Played" Titles such as: BioShock, Crysis, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Hellgate: London, and World in Conflict.

huh, i thought Crysis and ET:QW wernt out yet...

Anyways i can contest, with these drivers Bioshock ran smooth as glass (10FPS boost) with most features on running with a 7900gs. I highly recommend that you pick these up, and also pick up the Nvidia Monitor OTCMP

The monitor is a Forceware addon that will Overclock your card with out other bloatware programs, nvidia fully stands behind this one... it also can control your GPU fan speed and if your lucky enough to have a Nvidia Nforce2 or higher mobo then this is a MUST, there’s a 30minute and 3 hour tuning you can do that stress tests your system and boosts it by % intervals for the cooling your system needs...

Basically if you want to Overclock your system from the frontside bus to the northbridge CPU and GPU plus Ram timings and lots more. (31 different settings in all) nTune will stress test your system and find the best/safest Overclocking options you can do to it. The bets part is it can reset everything back to factory settings if you receive any issues.. with 31 different options, that "System Tune" option really starts to sound good :)

my suggesting is to use it in combination with the latest SiSoft Sandra and find a stable OC for your old tired rig.. happy fiddling!


Ntune:   read

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