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2:36 PM on 10.03.2011

iD and Me: A love Story

I got my first proper PC back in 1996. Before that the only thing we had at home was some model of a Commodore that an uncle of mine had gotten us. It had two games on it, this one text based adventure game called "Atomic Mission" and a platformer named "Jack Attack."

I didn't really care much for Jack Attack because I had a Family Game entertainment system, which was like the older brother of the popular NES, and Atomic Mission didn't register at all because I couldn't spell for shit.

So in 1996 when I got my first PC, supposedly to help with my school assignments, I came across a little something called Doom2.

As I doubled clicked on the icon I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My gaming knowledge was sort of limited at the time. Growing up in Fiji the only video game news we got where from over priced import copies of Hyper magazines and the occasional relative or friend who would come in from overseas. Aside from wonderful tales of 24 hours TV channels and Mc Donalds burgers, now and then a a cousin or something would come in boasting about the latest arcade games he'd played or the newest SNES game he'd picked up.

But nothing had prepared me for this.

So at the start screen for Doom 2 I was introduced to something that would stay with me for the rest of my life.

I found iD software.

The first developer that made me remember it's name after playing their game.

I got hooked on Doom 2, I played that game to death. So many nights were burned up running through dark corridors blasting things with my Double Barrel shot gun, hours of blood shedding fun... and not a single assignment written.

I used to draw a lot back then, something I really need to get back into again, and all over my text books and school not books where doodles of Cyber demons and nasty fire imps. In mad scribble-colored letters I would declare such things as DOOM ROCKS! or iD RULEZ!

Whenever friends would come over we'd forgo food and water just so we could take turns at Doom 2. I remember this one time one of my friends 'borrowed' my dads massive stereo speakers from the living room and plugged them straight into the back of the PC... then we laughed and giggled at the loud awesome sound the shotgun made. I remember I could finish the first level of Doom 2 in like, less than 2 and a half mins... killing everything, collecting every secret and not taking a single hit.

Gawd I loved that game.

When Quake broke out, it just took things to a whole new level. I think it was my first ever non-sprite game. I had gotten this collection of shareware games, and thought that the game was about an earthquake when i saw it on the list. When I turned it on and saw that iD software logo, the first inkling of the fanboy in me started freaking out. At the end of the first chapter, which was end of the shareware demo, I begged and cried for some cash from the folks so that I could some how buy/ unlock the whole thing. I remember putting actual notes into an envelop and sending it to some address on the back of the shareware disk.

And then I remember how farkin excited I was when I got the mail back with an unlock code.

It was around 1999 that the humble PC that had introduced me to so much awesome gaming finally died on me. Just a few weeks after I had barely played Quake 2 on it. I say 'barely' because by now PC games weren't as easy to play as just sticking the disk in and pressing start. This was around the time hardware acceleration was taking off.

By this time though I had picked up a PS1, so the loss of the PC wasn't totally shattering. Games like Resident Evil 2 and Silent Hill started seeping in to fill the horror gaming craves set in by Doom, and soon my memories of iD and Doom2 faded away, like old love letters from an ex girlfriend.

Years passed and my PS1 gave way to a PS2 and eventually an Xbox.

In 2004 I had enrolled for an animation course at one of the local tech collages. My studies involved a lot of work that would be so much easier if I could do them at home. So I decided to finally invest some cash into another PC.

By this time we had Dial Up here in Fiji, so we could kind of keep up with gaming news and such through our offices, because getting internet at home at the time was farkin expensive. So when i heard that soon a new Doom game would be releasing, I felt the fanboy in me twitch.

I got my new pc just in time for the release of Doom3. In fact, Doom3 was more of a push to get it. Soon I felt as though I was back in high school again.

Doom 3 was the shit when it came out. Graphically it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The lighting and the sound burned scares into my brain that kept me up for hours, and iD reminded me just how farkin awesome they are. I went psycho over Doom3. Playing it every night after work and school, making my friends sick of hearing about it.

I got the making of book, and though I had the game on PC I even bought the special edition for the Xbox. I pwnd that bad boy on the nightmare setting over and over and for the longest time I didn't play anything else. This one time I opened some of the files up and even started making comics out of them.

Doom and the iD crew were like the rock stars of the gaming industry for me. I would make up top 3 and top 5 lists for "best games of all time" or best developer, just so I could mention iD and they monstrous projects as my favorites. I do declare that Doom3 is still in my top three fave games of all time.

But then time passed.

My Xbox gave way to a 360 and like millions of other gamers I was grabbed and throttled by the likes of Gears and Call of Duty. I am a massive sci-fi fan and horror gamer, for the longest time since Doom 3 this was a niche that was sort of hard for me to fill. I never totally got into modern war shooters, and the clean sci-fi Halo environment meant little to me.

Gears was a lot of fun, bhe closest to 'fan boy madness' that any other game has come in terms of unholy admiration on my part would be Dead Space. There's no denying that at the diseased heart of it, Dead Space is sort of the little 3rd person little brother of Doom. And with the long absence of iD from the scene, Dead Space and Dead Space 2 quickly climbed the ranks to stand toe to toe with my love for Doom 3.

But all the time, something was stirring.

Every now and then I'd catch a screen shot, or a E3 mention. Whispers of a new monster that the iD boys were putting together.

When I first heard about Rage it was nothing more than a screen grab and a few mentions in passing. I hate when developers announce games billions of years before they actually plan to release them.

But now Rage is almost upon us. In fact my pre-ordered copy ships tomorrow. Usually the extent of my pre-orders is about a week before release. but I paid for Rage more than two months ago. I was sort of in between jobs for the longest time and as soon as I got enough cash to buy the game, I made sure I did.

I'm not gonna go on about how mad awesome Rage looks, cause we all know that. In fact right now I've kind of lost the whole point of this post. But I think it was to say that iD has always made games that are freakin awesome and I can't wait for Rage because it looks farkin mad. I'm looking forward to even more hours of sleepless nights and fan boy fits, in fact the day Rage gets in... I'm for sure taking the day off to play it.

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