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So here's me,

My real name is Max and I'm a diehard Browncoat. I also have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Star Wars universe left over from a childhood obsession, as well as an actual Star Wars encyclopedia, but that's another matter.

I like to sleep, but keep odd hours, I like food A LOT, I like TV on occasion, I'm not a huge fan of any music except symphonic, and apparently I have bad music taste, even at 20 I can barely grow enough facial hair to justify shaving more than twice a week, I love to write, I kinda read, I hate a couple of the people in my J-school program, HBO is perfect, LOST is actually alright, I'm a total gearhead, Avatar was a terrible movie but an incredible experience, How to Train Your Dragon was very, VERY awesome, and all I want at this moment is a 1:1 stuffed Appa.

Guess what this last paragraph used to be for? My two cents on the games/art debate. Guess what's here now? NOTHING, and that's the way I likes it.

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Om Nom On Souls
3:43 AM on 01.05.2011

So here's the deal,

I need you deer reader. My sweaty, clammy, cheesit cheese covered nerd palm is hovering squarely over the help button, and that bitch is about to get the pushing of a lifetime. I need you to help me write.

Basically what has happened over the last couple months, closely related to, if not a direct cause of, an almost complete halt in blog production from yours truly, is a sudden and crushing lack of satisfying topics to write on. (Unfortunately, this also comes with a really shitty written sense of humour. I sat staring at this screen for a solid two minutes trying to come up with something funny to add after that last sentence. You know what I came up with aside from nothing? Penis jokes. And not funny, ironic, I'm-still-a-kid-at-heart-who-finds-peni-funny jokes, I was gonna simply mention a false erectile dysfunction. That actually passed through my brain and almost out of my fingers before I had the wherewithal to realize that that shit doesn't really fly in the sky of funny anymore) <- longest bracketed passage evar.

Those of you who've been on the site a bit longer know that I used to post two, maybe three times a week with actual material, not these sad excuses for blogs that I've called "Om Nom on Thoughts." If you've signed up more recently, you'll be more familiar with an almost equal number of posts where I bitch incessantly about the very fact I bemoan here, followed by a lame attempt at rectification. (another penis joke about how rectification sounded like the combination of rectum and erection almost made its way onto the page here. You see why I ask for help?)

However, my love of writing blogs for you people has been unable to transcend my inability to think up worthwhile topics recently. Maybe I exhausted all the things I cared about enough to talk about, maybe I've lost the computational ability to find them, who knows.

The point is, I'm not writing, and I'm more sick of it than usual, so now I ask you to help me. I need you to suggest topics that you'd like to hear written about. And this is me we're talking about, so they should be topics you want to see written about in a slightly self-deprocating, cockily erudite, and slightly overwrought way.

The idea is that you post with some topic, no matter how ridiculous, serious, taboo or faux pa related to gaming, and I'll do my best to form my opinions about it into a blog, the reading of which will be preferably very distinguishable from inserting white hot catheters into your eyes, but I'm a realist.

So. What shall we talk about, you and I?

~Om nom nom nom...

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