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Om Nom On Souls's blog

1:11 AM on 04.26.2011

Somethin's Goin' On

So here's the deal, It's vacation tiiiiiiiiiime, YAY! And we all know what that means, the return of an inconsequential Dtoid community blogger, EXCELSIOR! But yeah, school's finished, and not having to expend my writing ju...   read

12:24 PM on 03.16.2011

Birthday Present: Destructoid Through the Ages

So here's the deal, It being the five year anniversary of our fair website's emergence from the dark, scary womb of Niero's brain, and the 20 somthingth anniversary of Niero's emergence from the dark, scary womb of his mothe...   read

3:58 AM on 12.24.2010

Show Me Something Useless

So here's the deal, Hi, my name is Om Nom, and I like to write blogs, though you probably don't remember that since it's been like three hundred and fifty billion years since I last did so. I know, long time. But actually,...   read

3:20 AM on 11.14.2010

But Seroiusly...

So here's the deal, I'm just gonna come out and say it, this blog contains some mention of games. As well as some mention of art. And it may combine those ideas. I know, I hate me too. But I think this is a little tidbit of ...   read

2:36 AM on 09.26.2010

Why I Love Cheevos, and Why that Sucks

So here's the deal, I love cheevos. Achievements, I love achievements. And I hate that I love them. Achievements are a goal. They're something to accomplish, to strive for. They're a milestone that proves you've been whe...   read

2:15 AM on 09.12.2010

More Than Just Noise: Silence

So here's the deal, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. It's been two long weeks since I last posted here, hope no one thought I was gone. I was, in fact, moving across the country; just last week my second year of jou...   read

1:43 AM on 08.20.2010

Final Fantsy Om Nom: Crisis Core [Shortblog]

So here's the deal, As I progress closer and closer to the launch of this site I'm rolling out, which will only be mentioned once more on this blog, I promise, I'm more and more considering doing this kind of thing for a liv...   read

3:06 AM on 08.18.2010

Agency and You. And Them.

So here's the deal, I recently caught myself up on the awesome that is our pertaining-to-this-website's-writer-roster late Reverend. I listened to the lecture he gave at Berkeley about the difficulties of character developme...   read

2:59 AM on 08.17.2010

Danke, Merci, Xie Xie, Gracias, Arigato and Thank You [Shortblog]

So here's the deal, For those of you who pay attention, it's been over a week now since my last post, and that interview doesn't technically count as my own. To that end, I apologize, I like to think I'm more committed to th...   read

4:08 AM on 08.09.2010

A Night of Drinking and Game Narrative

So here's the deal, A couple months back, back when I was just a wee lad taking his first steps into the big, scary, and often awesome-laden world of the c-blogs, I wrote a rather inflammatory post about how story in games w...   read

6:16 AM on 07.18.2010

Gaming's Biggest Failure

So here's the deal, I would like to start by saying that the past week spent without a single post was a cold and frightening one indeed. It's the longest I've gone without posting something over the last 5 months, and I end...   read

5:26 AM on 07.11.2010

How to Do the Faceless Hero Right

So here's the deal, The faceless hero is a protagonist you've no doubt played, they've been around for a while now, popularized most notably by the Master Chief and Gordon Freeman. Obviously the objective of this kind of cha...   read

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