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Om Nom On Souls's blog

1:43 AM on 08.20.2010

Final Fantsy Om Nom: Crisis Core [Shortblog]

So here's the deal, As I progress closer and closer to the launch of this site I'm rolling out, which will only be mentioned once more on this blog, I promise, I'm more and more considering doing this kind of thing for a liv...   read

3:06 AM on 08.18.2010

Agency and You. And Them.

So here's the deal, I recently caught myself up on the awesome that is our pertaining-to-this-website's-writer-roster late Reverend. I listened to the lecture he gave at Berkeley about the difficulties of character developme...   read

2:59 AM on 08.17.2010

Danke, Merci, Xie Xie, Gracias, Arigato and Thank You [Shortblog]

So here's the deal, For those of you who pay attention, it's been over a week now since my last post, and that interview doesn't technically count as my own. To that end, I apologize, I like to think I'm more committed to th...   read

4:08 AM on 08.09.2010

A Night of Drinking and Game Narrative

So here's the deal, A couple months back, back when I was just a wee lad taking his first steps into the big, scary, and often awesome-laden world of the c-blogs, I wrote a rather inflammatory post about how story in games w...   read

6:16 AM on 07.18.2010

Gaming's Biggest Failure

So here's the deal, I would like to start by saying that the past week spent without a single post was a cold and frightening one indeed. It's the longest I've gone without posting something over the last 5 months, and I end...   read

5:26 AM on 07.11.2010

How to Do the Faceless Hero Right

So here's the deal, The faceless hero is a protagonist you've no doubt played, they've been around for a while now, popularized most notably by the Master Chief and Gordon Freeman. Obviously the objective of this kind of cha...   read

7:08 PM on 07.06.2010

Why no love, man? [Short-ish blog]

So here's the deal, I've noticed recently that there have been a lot of contests rolling out on the site, and each one promises some cool gamer cred-erific prize to the winner. And so, each time I get a little excited becaus...   read

7:54 PM on 07.01.2010

Alternate Reality: A Revolutionary Invention from the Geniuses at Macrohard

Ever have a problem? Well now, the beautiful minds at Macrohard Industries have a solution. Introducing Omni-Gel, your one stop shop for every single one of your everyday problems! Ever needed to break into the Pentagon, ...   read

4:05 AM on 06.29.2010

The Great Escape: What Games Can Give and What Games Can Take

So here's the deal, Gaming has given me much over the past 12 years, it's taken me to different times, different galaxies and even different realities. It's opened to me parts of myself that I didn't even know were there, an...   read

1:15 AM on 06.23.2010

And Now For Something Completely Different [Shortblog]

So here's the deal, Since no one else is doing it, I guess I'll be the first to offer my opinion on this newfangled tech called Kinect, and tell you what I want out of it. I don't want lightsabers, I don't want the wii "do...   read

2:27 AM on 06.22.2010

The Likeliest Unlikely Hero

So here's the deal, In the same fashion as many of its older brethren, the idea for this post was conceived on my way home from work. As a side note, I find that time oddly satisfying. It's about half an hour where I have ...   read

5:38 AM on 06.18.2010

Is it just me or...

So here's the deal, Press conferences are a big deal, to say the very least. They offer a company a chance to showcase the best of what it has to offer, and there is therefore a lot of pressure on that company to present not...   read

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