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4:54 PM on 06.07.2012

E3: Eh!

I love E3. I really do! I watch it religiously every year. (Kinda blows I have never atually been to one even though I have been working for game
sites for over 10 years) I know some shows are better than others and that is to be expected as some years new hardware is released or an anticipated
game is expected and then shown or something pops up that surprises the crap of gamers. For the most part, E3 is awesome! The past two, however, really have not done anything for me. It is not to say the last two have been completly void of anything good and I sure as shit didn't have high hopes for this one, tis just that they seem a little meh to me. Lemme splain. (I will be using this years as an example, mainly, cause my memory is pretty crappy!)

Let's start with Nintendo shall we? Last year they announced the WiiU. Didn't really show much except for the controller. OK, not a big deal as I knew it wouldn't come out til sometime this year. They should enough to pique my interest as my Wii has been collecting dust for a while now. Especially since Xenoblade Chronicles would not work on my Wii at all! This year I just knew MS, Sony, Ubi, EA, and the like were going to be left in the dust by Nintendo and I was excited! Yes, I know I am almost 40, but I love games dammit! So, come Tuesday, I turn on Spike and prepare for the fireworks and really, after the horsepucky that was Sony's, EA's, and MS' pressers, how could N screw the pooch? After all, they were the only ones showing new hardware!! I thought it was going to be batshit glorious!

Holy crap was I wrong! It was so bad, it made MS' almost good! And that is saying a lot as MS' presser damn near put me to sleep. Nintendo was the only one I was expecting something from and it just didn't happen! There was a couple games that I did like; Lego City: UnderCover and ZombiU. Lego City because it looks like a Lego version of GTA and ZombiU because that has a different concept to the zombie shooter. Seriously, would have never have though N would have had a zombie shooter. Let alone one that when you die, you die! Those two aside, there was basically nothing of interest. Most of the third party games I already knew were coming, maybe not for the WiiU, but I knew they were coming. And spending a lot of time on Batman?? What the hell was that about? I already beat that game months ago and have no desire to replay it on a new system due to a few changes.

They had a huuuuge chance to be the best and I sat there watching all this crap til the end where I thought they would show something spectacular. What did I get??? NintendoLand! Reallllly? Really? That's what you end the show with????? WTF!?

I do want the WiiU, but not because of the craptastic presser they had. I want it cause I like to have all the game consoles! :D

Now onto MS. I had no expectations from them because there was no way they were going to show the next XBOX this year and I knew it. I also knew that they were just going to show everything that has already been announced; Blops 2, Halo 4, AC3, Forza Horizon, some crappy dance game, shitty Kinect games, etc.. They did exactly that. Didn't really see the Wrecateer game coming. I kinda want that, but why in the hell did they spend time showing that instead of, oh I don't know, Forza Horizon? And the whole Nike thing? Good God what a bore. Smartglass, didn't see that coming, but it is the same thing as the WiiU remote so, not a big freakin deal. I didn't have enough damn beer to get me through the Usher crap. That was horrid!!!

On the plus side, at least they didn't show quite as many apps that I didn't care about. I mean really, two years of Kinect games (that suck), dance games, crap added to the console that I could care less about because it has nothing to do with games, and crap I have already seen before the show just didn't do anything for me. I would have crapped myself if they announced that the dashboard could be customized, ya know so I could actually get to the games, and then added another tier to LIve that provided value to me. As it stands, everything XBLG gets under the paywall, I can get elsewhere for free. Not that I give a crap about Netflix, hulu, or any of that other non-game realated taint.

Sony and EA's were basically on the same page as the other two. Nothing really new and no surprises. I will say this though; NFS: Most Wanted does look a little interseting. However, because it is Criterion, I know that I am not going to be able to play locally, so I have zero interest in it. Both of those are a wash to me. Although, The Last of Us looks bad ass! (pretty sure that was on Sony)

Ubisoft however, I thought was the 'winner' of the show. Not that their presser was more entertaining, tis just that they showed some pretty good games. Mainly Watch Dogs! Maybe it is because it has that open world look of GTA or maybe it is because I know it was running on a PC. Either way, it came out of no where and I want it now! Not after breakfast not next year, now! There were other games, don't really care about them as much as Watch Dogs though. :D

Again, I really didn't expect much from Sony, MS, and EA as I think they are keeping 'the good stuff' secret til next years E3. Why? We all know why! Tis the transition between consoles. Of course, if I was MS and Sony, I would be in no hurry to announce the new ones because Nintendo really screwed up. At the same time though, it really is time to move on because two years of the same redundant crap is starting to get old.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I want the industry to crash and crash hard because it is the only way the games industry will every win most peoples trust. Maybe next years E3 will fix it, but I reallllly doubt it as I think it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. :D

The problem I mainly have with E3 as of late, is that it seems to be more for investors and the gaming press and not for the gamer. Which is who they are trying to sell this crap to!

A long time ago, about the time the 360 came out, I had this crazy idea that the 360 would be my window into E3 since I could'nt be there and that it would have all trailers and demos on it. (No idea where I got that idea from) As the years go by though, the very consoles that are said to let me experience E3 as if I was there, have not. Sure, I can get trailers from E3 on the 360 or the PS3, but who gives a little rats ass? I can do that on the puter, which I am on most of the time anyway. I thought that the consoles were supposed to bring demos and all kinda glorious things I couldn't see on TV or the puter. It has not come to fruition!

I watch the same boring ass conferences year after year and have to rely on game jornos to tell me how a game is. I mean they kicked out the general public all that is left is the press. Not that is a bad thing, but with all this connectivity, I should be able to fire up the 360 and watch a behind closed doors demo and have demos that they can play right there, at least for the four days. Shit! The always connected crap is what all these pubs/devs keep pushing. It would make some sense that I could be able to play the demos that are at E3. Well, at least the ones that are on current gen consoles and the PC.

E3 would be a buttton better if I could go behind the scenes and play actual demos as opposed to sit there and watch or read someone else's opinion on it. Sure, that is not possible with all of the games, but it sure as shit would be nice with most of them as they are, mostly, on this gen of consoles.

Next year that may be a little harder to pull out of their asses due to new hardware, but since you just can't waltz into E3 anymore, I see no reason that I can't see the behind the door stuff and play the same demos that are on the floor. I guarantee you, if they did that, all servers on the PC and the consoles would be hammered and people would love it. Not to mention it would probably lower the number of people that showed up!

E3 may still be relevant, but I have a feeling it won't be much longer. :D   read

6:06 PM on 04.09.2012

Battlefield 1942: Ode to My Love for You

Yes, I will admit it; I love Battlefield 1942. With an undying passion. It is, for me anyway, the greatest game ever made! And before you ask, yes I have played through all the Sonic games, SMB's, Elder Scrolls, Fallout's, FF's (except for X and X2 cause I hated them), Donkey Kong's, Tetris, Potty Racers, Angry Birds, Excite Bike, Zelda's, Burnouts, and a shit ton more that sucked up many hours of my life that I am not going to list because it would take forever! Of all my years of gaming though, none is held in such high regard as Battlefield 1942.

Here is a little bit of back story:

Before the release of BF: 1942, I did play Codename: Eagle. I really liked it, but after it was beat, moved on to other games. Then two years later came Return to Castle Wolfenstein. This is probably the first game that my drunken old ass can remember playing online. It was great and it is what made me buy a second computer! Then came the BF1942 MP demo. This thing made me crap my pants! Sure, it was basically a successor to Codename Eagle, but they did it sooooo very well. That demo captured my attention like no other demo or game before it has done! I was really wonderstruck at the intensity and awesomeness that the demo showed!

Then release day came. Not only did my lazy-nonlikingpeople-ass go to the store to get it, had to go to three different ones because of the soldoutness! No, that is not a word don't care. :D Because I had more kids at this point, I bought a third computer (the wife took over the second) and I added an extension to my desk so that I could play LAN with my buddies and that is part of the reason Battlefield 1942 is so damn great!

Now for why I want to monkey hump the game and think it is the best game ever!

It is because it should be the benchmark of every game made after it.

There is and was soooo much to it and it made it a joy to play even ten years after its release. After you installed it and input a code, you could play online or LAN. Which is to this day just awesome. Granted, the single player part was not all that wonderful, I still put more hours into it than Skyrim and Oblivion combined. The ability to choose different classes and being able to use anything from a jeep to a plane is just *&%^$$ awesome! Being able to pick a scout, take a plane, shoot a person down, then eject on a mountain to snipe the enemies was just something you could not do before hand and it was and still is magnificent!

Not only is the gameplay sweet as hell, you could and still can, play LAN. This is a huuuuuge thing for me. Granted back then this was a basic thing. Sure, I played online back in the day, but for the most part, LAN was/is my play style of choice.

There has been many many many o time that the puters have been running 1942 for 24 hours or better. I will admit that for a while there, I did have BF1942 installed on two computers running off the same disc. However, as I got older, discs got scratced, I have purchased 1942 more times than I care to admit.

Got a little off track here. :D Another reason BF1942 is the best game ever is the mods! I think I pooped myself when I saw the news for Desert Combat! When it was actually released, I did as well.
The mods and maps people put out for this game is just insane. Desert Combat and DCX is a staple now, but there are others that we still play. Forgotten Hope. :D

The sheer amount the BF community put forth is why I really think I love this game so damn much. There are racing mods, WW1 mods, WW2 mods, futuristic mods, weird ass mods, a butttone of maps, and a lot of other things I am missing. And the best part is they still make them ten years after the game came out! To me, that shows the greatness of this game. There is not a whole lot of other games out there that can hold my attention like Battlefield 1942 and I doubt there ever will be.

I could praise it more, but I am going to have a couple more beers and then go to sleep as I have to get up at 6am. :D   read

5:40 PM on 04.06.2012

Ten Things I Don't Care You Know About Me!

As some of you may have noticed from my introduction post on the Dtoid blogs, I am not really shy about sharing certain things about myself with complete strangers. If you didn't, here is a run down; I turned 38 on the third of this month, I have five kids, I have been married 18 years (I think), I drink, I smoke, and I am lazy! These are things I will be touching on later in the post. (maybe)

That was just a little preview and even though these will be numbered, it is no indication of the order of importance. :D Let's get started shall we?

I: I really do not like people!

OK, it is not all people. Tis just large amounts of people I don't know. I am fine when it is two or three at a time, however more than that and I start getting a little twitchy. Hell, I can barely stand to be around my entire family at the same time! Mainly because there is a lot of us and if you stick us all in one place, I have to leave after an hour. Building on that.....

II: ....There was a point that I did not leave the house for a year and a half. I know that sounds hard to believe, but it is very true. Granted I have gotten a little better over the years as I will go out for my anniversary or travel to California to play games. For the most part though, I stay at my house. Which leads to the next point...

III: ...I love beer!

Seriously! Beer is just awesome! I have and still do on occasion, drink 12 beers a day or more. Yes, that might make me seem like an alcoholic, but I am not. Alcoholics go to meetings. As a matter of fact, I have just finished my twelfth beer today and will keep going til I run out! Now, you would think that the amount of beer I drink would counteract the fear of crowds. Well, it does to a certain extent. Just not enough to make me want to be in a crowd all the time.

IV: I love to bitch! Really! I can and will piss and moan about damn near anything!

Why? It is much easier for me to find fault with something than to give it praise. Yes, it is a little odd, but to be honest, finding faults is in something is a lot easier than finding the good things. Hell, that is a lot of the reason I came to DT. Jim seems to piss and moan as much as I do and I love it!

I have bitched about steam, anti smoking, how the word gay is used, shitty games, peta, vegetarians, DRM, consoles, PC's, crappy music, and everything in between. There are certain things I don't like and will continue to bitch until I can't type. As I am typing this, I can think of twenty blog posts I could bitch about. Not that I would, tis just that I can think of them.

V: I love to write!

However, there are occasions where I can't really put my thoughts into words. (Which pretty much describes all the blogs I have posted here) I did write a book a couple years back for National Novel Writing Month in three weeks that I am pretty proud of! No, it is not perfect, but writing a 50k work novel in three weeks was pretty sweet to me.

Really not the point though; no matter the subject, I just love to write!

VI: I smoke! (Cigarettes and cigars) And I have no intention on quitting!

I have smoked for over 20 years and I love it and wish more people would smoke as well. Tis not because I want people to die, I just hate the fact that the government keeps wanting to control every damn thing we do!

Now I realize that some people do not like the smoke and I respect that. I go out of my way to make sure that when I smoke, I do it away from people that do not like the smell and put the butt in my pocket. Hell, I don't smoke in my new house because the wife told me I can't! OK, that is a lie. If I wanted to, I could smoke in the house. I just choose not to out of respect.

VII: I thought this would be a good time to say how much I love Final Fantasy VII.

I also get a boner playing Chrono Trigger and Battlefield 1942, but those didn't really work here.

VIII: I hate PETA!

I think I almost hate them more than Cali and NY (for their BS anti smoking laws) and the reasons should be very apparent! If they are not, well, that will have to wait for another post. :D

IX: I do not eat any vegetable or fruit!

My diet consists chicken, burger, turkey, pork chops, steak, and any other kinda meat! I do not eat any fruits or vegetables at all! You may think I am kidding, but I am not. And if you think I am a fat ass, you would be wrong. 5' 10" at 170 pounds. Sure I have a little belly, but that is because I am lazy and don't exercise! :D

X: Wellll, this one is classified.

I hope you enjoyed my 'ten things' blog and look forward to arguing with some of you in the future. :D


2:20 PM on 03.29.2012

Rumortoid: Next Gen Systems

Like most of you, I have been keeping up with all the rumors for the next gen systems. And yes, even the Wii U.

The Wii U rumors kinda confuzzle me. From what I read, it is said that it will have the same processing power/graphics as the 360 and PS3. And it will have the one giant ass tablet controller and it can also use the Wiimotes we have now. I find it a little odd that you can only have one 'tablet' controller per system, but again just rumors. Another thing I find a little strange is; why all the secrecy about the console itself. If I recall correctly, last year at E3 they basically only showed the tablet controller and said nothing about the console itself. I could be wrong, however I do not remember reading anything about the actuall console this past year. I also find it a little odd that they are releasing it this year. Although it is not much of a surprise as there has been not much in the way of good or really any games being released for the Wii. Sure, Xenoblade: Chronicles is coming next month and The Last Story will be here at the end of June, but aren't they just localized versions of games that have been released in Japan?

I have no doubt that the Wii U will be released this year and Nintendo will show off way more of the system at this years E3, tis just at this point, I am a little skepitical of the system and the controller. As well as the games as there was a rumor (I think) that Far Cry 3 would be a launch title. Maybe the system is capable of more than I though as well as the controller. Still a little leary about the Wii U, but I am sure this years E3 will clarify a lot more.

Move on to the Xbox 720 or Durango rumors and it is a little more sketchy. At first there were rumors that the next Xbox would have no optical drive at all. Not long after that it was rumored that there would be a disc-less Xbox coming this year that will be really cheap until the next true Xbox sucessor comes out in the Fall of 2013 and that one will have a Blu-Ray. Before the rumors of the cheap Xbox though, rumors flew about an anti-used game system that is to be integrated into the new Xbox. Of course, MS hasn't said a word about this except that they will not be revealing the next xbox at this years E3. That tells me that they had better have some damn good games to announce or their press conference will suck!

Then we have the hoopla with the PS4. It is basically the same rumors as for the new xbox. Well, except for the fact that the new PS will have a better graphics card. No real surprise there. If you are going to have rumors, might as well one up the competition. :D However, the anti-used game thing is still there for the new PS. Again, just rumors, but one has to think that some of this has to be true to an extent.

It makes sense to me that some things will leak especially when a new system is on the horizon (Wii U). Maybe MS and Sony are leaking these things to test the waters or maybe they are releasing false info to get some feedback. It really doesn't matter how or why these rumors are there, but if the parts about used game blocking is true, every gamer should be outright pissed!

I just can't see Sony or MS coming out with a console that blocks used games or goes entirely digital. It makes no sense. One, almost every ISP has a cap. Some smaller than others. Exceeding that limit will give a user overage charges. Who wants to download every game they want for sixty bucks a pop and then pay their ISP more money for the 'pleasure'. A 250gb limit can go bye bye really fast when you are downloading 10 or more games during the Christmas season. Two: the speeds and reliability of the internet in the US is not, well let's say that great. It is not like most people in the US have an option of who you can turn to for internet. Usually it is one or two and that is it. Not a whole lot of competition and that means they can whatever the hell they want to. For example; I have two options here, Comcast or DSL via the phone douche bags. Comcast is wayyyy faster, but they have a limit and they tend to go offline for no reason all the time. Then there is the DSL. Slower, but disconnects are not a real concern. Trying to download a 20gb game is going to be hell no matter what! Three: the matter of storage. Seriously, even a tb hard drive would be unsuitable for a digi only game system. Then you have the servers. What if they go down or your connection gets dropped? And it will! There is also the problem of price. They always say that without used games, games will be cheaper. Or digi games will be cheaper because there is less overhead. Wellll, that is a load of crap! You can see that now on the PS Vita. The physical games are almost always cheaper and it will not change if the consoles do it.

You could argue that Steam does very well. Well, even though I hate it with a passion, it does. That is very different though. PC gamers are used to getting screwed over with shitty DRM and they think steam is just the best of the craptastic DRM that is out there. Make no mistake, Steam and the rest are DRM! It is just that some PC gamers see steam as the best piece of crap DRM out of the shittastic DRM PC options out there. I will say this whilst I am talking about it, Origin is no different than Steam! Period! Everything that has been said about Origin was said about Steam when it came out. I hate steam, I hate origin, I hate Ubi, and I hate actiblizzard! They are all the same thing and now the consoles maybe trying to do the same thing. Back to the point. (if I remember what it was)

Over the years PC gamers have gotten the royal shaft due to consoles. I don't care what you say, it is true! Shitty ports, having to wait months or years for the same game, features getting ripped out because the consoles can't do them, patches being delayed due to the insane ammount of time patches take to get through the consoles 'certification process', etc.. If the rumors for the next gen consoles are even close to true, my vote says PC gaming will come back with a vengeance!

I could go on, but I will stop for now :D   read

1:01 PM on 03.28.2012

What's That Smell? Oh! It is the Game Industry Turning to Shit

Yes, this is going to be a bitchy blog post because as the days go by, my favorite hobby and passion is slowly going down the toilet and I am not sure how much more I can actually take. I assume you will want reasons for this. Luckily, I have a few! :D I should also mention that because this is a rant, my thoughts may be a little scattered. :D

Now, I am a MG (Matured Gamer) and have been playing games on puter (TRS-80) and consoles (that black pong machine) for a very long time and I love gaming. From the first time I got my grubby little hands on the TRS-80, I was hooked. Sure, there were not many games for it, but soon came the Sega Master System and the NES. Oh the freakin joy! Yes, I know I skipped the Atari, Colecovision, and others. That is because, even though I owned them it was the SMS and the NES that really got me hooked. Coming home from school and playing SMB or Alex Kidd made my freakin day!

Skip ahead a few years and you get the Genesis and the SNES. These two systems were just the shit! I can't even count how many hourse I spent playing Altered Beast, the Final Fantasy series, Phantasy Star, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, along with butt loads of other games on these systems. Looking back on that, I think those were two of the best systems ever mainly because, even though some of the games were a litttle high priced, they were complete and didn't require anything else aside from the system and the game. Sure, you had to blow in it from time to time, but that was a small price to pay.

I am going to jump to the PS now even thought the Dreamcast and GC were out at about the same time. You may be asking why so, I will tell you. Even though I love the DC and still own the GC, Playstation had FF7 and Diablo and Diablo is what I want to get at here. When I bought Diablo wayyyy back then, my cousin and I spent a month of sleepless nights and days playing the everloving shit out of it! Diablo was just one of those games that entranced us. I think Diablo is one of the reasons I stayed so thin because I didn't freakin eat until I was done with a 30 hour play session. Again, awesome!

Then we get to the PS2 and the Xbox. They have some great games as well, but this is when gaming starts to go from awesome to down the shitter for me. The Xbox came with Live, which at the time was pretty nifty. I can't recall if it had the two tiers: Gold and Silver though. Not really important anyway. That was around 2001-02. The good thing about it was that you could update games, download demos, talk to friends, etc.. It was new and exciting. I would say awesome again, but in hindsight, I wish it would have never happened!

I have neglected the PC up to this point. The reason for that is because I really didn't play with a PC again until I had a Packard Bell with a 120 ghz processor. That is how I discovered Heroes of Might and Magic II! After that, the PC started to become my gaming platform of choice. Wolfenstien, Doom, Unreal, Journeyman, Myst, well you get the point. Then, at about the same time as XBL went live, there came a game that made me a diehard PC fan: Battlefield 1942. I have went through this before so, I won't do it again, but that one game really changed what and how I play games. Nothing on a console could ever compare to that. Why? Easy! All you had to do was install it, pop in a code, and you were off! Single player, LAN, online all worked right then and there. Then came the mods! Holy shit! Couldn't ask for anything better! I will get back to the point now.

Everything to this point has been basically awesome. Pop in a cart/disc and basically play. No fuss! However, in recent years, things have started to go terribly wrong. I knew it was getting bad when Steam came out. I hated it then and I hate it now. Having to have install third party software just to play a game sucks donkey balls and there is no way to justify it and because of it, we now have Origin, Ubi's crap, battlenet, and not only do you have to sign into XBL/PSN, you also have to sign into other things just to play a game on a console!!!! Really? GRRRRRRRR!

Now we get to the shit part.

It seems that every game, no matter what system you play on, requires not only the game and the system, but some third party crap or you always have to be online or sign into seven different things. It is getting completly out of hand!

The 360 is a damn gaming console no matter what MS wants you to believe! That is why most of us bought the thing. TO PLAY GAMES dammit! I don't care about the sports stuff or the movies and other shit. I want the games. And as they keep updating it, the game part of it is the hardest to find! lol! Why in the hell should that be? Then you have to pay for gold just so you can play MP and watch Netflix. I hate this! Mp should be free no matter what. If people want to pay extra so they can use Netflix and the rest of that crap, fine! The people that just wanna play games or get a demo should not have to pay. I am going to stop here and move on to the PC. I am not done with MS though.

As I mentioned before, BF1942 is a badass game and still play do this day because of what it offers. I do own BF3, but I rarely play it because of Origin and the fact that there is no LAN and you can't mod it. This is just one reason PC gaming is going down the shitter for me. Other reasons? Wellllll, it seems that every game/publisher wants you to use their service just to play. Buy a game at a store, bring it home to play and what happens? You install it and then you are forced to sign into and install some other crap you don't want and after you do that, you get the pleasure of waiting for it to update, wether you want to or not. It blows!

I am not done! I am sure you want me to be though. :D The lack of LAN and modding on the PC is just fuckin awful! Those things were expected in most every game made for the PC. Does it happen now? Rarely. Why? Due to DLC of course! It is much better for them to make you sign into some dumb shit service that restrics everything you do so they can nickle and dime us for crappy dlc or expansion packs instead of letting the community do what they have always done! Mod and tweak the game so that it lasts way past the lifecycle it should. You would think this would be a good thing, but noooooo, they want us to bend over and take the dlc magic without farie dust to numb the pain.

Back to the consoles. I know, I am eratic. Don't care. :D Now, these are only rumors but I am sure some of you have read some of these. The next gen consoles, excluding Nintendo, will have some anti-used game thingy. If you haven't, rumors are that the next Xbox and PS will have some kind of built in anti used game system. I am not saying it is true, they are rumors after all, but if they are, that will be the end of console gaming for me. The ego on the devs/pubs for thinking they derserve money from second hand sales is just batshit crazy.

In conclusion:
Taking features out of games and charging the same is *&%&^% retarded
DLC is a bane on the indusrty (basically)
Having to sign into three different things just to play a game is assinine
Having more powerful systems but can't make split screen work is also *&%^&% retarded
Constantly needing to be online sucks balls and should never happen unless it is an MMO
Making a system that can't play used games will kill the industry
Piracy is not the problem, shitty games and shitty DRM is

It kinda sucks I didn't make this a little more coherent, but I am really irritated with the whole D3 needs Bnet, BF3 has no lan, Devs are going off about used games, and rumors of the next gen consoles not being backward compatible nor being able to play used games. I love games, it is just that industry seems to be going on a path I can't follow and it makes me a little sad because I have been there for them for so long.   read

2:12 PM on 03.20.2012

Hardcore Casualties

I consider myself to be what you would call a 'hardcore' gamer. I own all the current consoles, two desktop gaming PC's, four laptops that can run some games, and a SGS 2. Although, I usually only play Angry Birds on it. Which leads me to the point of this blog; even though I am a hardcore gamer, I loooove me some casual games!

My day usually consists of getting up, taking a piss, making coffee, smoking a cigarette (outside cause I am not allowed to smoke in the house :( ), and then going to my computer. I read game news, ban spammers, and read email almost all day. Of course, I do game as well. I mainly game on the PC though as that is my main drug. Sure, I will play on the consoles, but it is usually only when there is a game that I can't get on the PC or if it is something like SSX Tricky, Blur, FF, etc.. I refuse to play an FPS like BF3 on a console.

For a couple years now though, I have been finding myself playing a lot of casual games as I wait for a AAA game that I want to play to be released. Here are a few examples:

Mass Mayhem is just an awesome little flash game and I have played and beat every one in the series. Running around killing people for money is not really new, but they make the missions so fun that you just can't help wanting to cut some dirty hippies in half or using a jetpack to give an airplane the smackdown then have it land on some monks. Seriously good fun.

Then you have Sushi Cat

This one is a lot more simple to play than MM, but it is still all kindsa fun and really doesn't take that long to play or master. Tis a great time killer.

I will mention Angry Birds as well even though I play that on my phone on not the puter. Mainly because I do not like the Chrome browser.

I also enjoy some City Siege!

Do missions, buy and upgrade your people, save VIP's, crush the terrorists, destroy buildings, and try not to die whilst doing so! Simple and a joy to play.

Blosics is another great flash game series I loooove to play:

Another great game. Use your mouse to point to select a ball and then knock off the green blocks. Nice and easy. The later versions added challenges and such making it a bit more fun.

Then there is Crush the Castle. I really like playing this game as it is really addicting.

Not sure why killing people and crushing castles intrigues me as much as it does, but I love it! OK, I do know why I love it! Breaking shit with rocks and the like and killing kings makes me happy!!! :D

Those are just some examples of the casual games I like to play. There a lot more that I like to play, but I just do not want to spend the time listing them all. Lazy? You betcha. Do I care? Not even a little bit. :D

I really do love to play games on all the consoles and the PC, but sometimes I just want a quick game that requires nothing more than flash to play. No need to sign in, no need to install unnecessary crap, no load times. All it takes is a little patients to get through the ads and then you get to enjoy some truly great games.

N   read

8:05 PM on 03.19.2012

My-Resonse-to-ME3's-Ending-Cause-Everyone else-has-Done-So

Played the first two, didn't care about the third one. It is a game, get over it. You are not entitled to shit even though you think you are. Yes, I think I am entitled to LAN and split screen on every game I like. Totally different. Filing a complaint with the FTC is batshit crazy. You had fun playing the series so, who gives a shit how it ended? You didn't make it. I spent thisssss much money on the games so I should have an ending that suits me. Nope! You get the ending they made and you will like it dammit! Have a beer, get a girlfriend or whore, and move on. :D   read

6:20 PM on 03.19.2012

Disappointment: EA (and some D3 Bitching and probably others)

Usually I am not one to do the 'Bloggers Wanted' thing, but when you are asking me to basically piss and moan, I am there baby! Some of the things I will be bitching about may have been touched on somewhat in other blog posts, however they need repeated!! :D

Let me start with SSX. I was absolutely psyched when this game was first announced as the SSX series has always been one of my dietary gaming supplements. Really, I had every intention of buying it day one. Then something changed. More info about the game slowly started to trickle out and little by little, SSX was becoming a must have to a 'maybe I should rent this first' dealybob. Really glad I only rented it.

Here is the thing, for me the SSX series was always about big tricks, big air, half pipes, knocking your buddy off his board whilst you are drinkin a beer laughing as you sit right beside him! Split screen is a huge part of the experience for me. Not only for SSX, but NFS and Burnout as well. With the new version of SSX, as well as the others, that all went down the shitter! For me, racing some damn ghost is not even remotely multi-player! I mean shit, I hate BF3 because I can't play LAN anymore nor mod it, but it still does have multi-player that I can at least make sense out of. Even though it still sucks.

SSX as well as NFS and Burnout Paradise, just suck! Everything that was good about those games are now gone. Replacing the split screen with horse shit I refuse to call a mp mode, is like non alcoholic beer! Sure, it is kinda the same but you sure as hell won't get a buzz! What's the damn point!?

So, EA has gave delivered me massive disappointments with four games! Taking away main selling points of that many games just makes me drink! You cannot take away all the good stuff and replace it with making me sign into to three different things just to play and then make me have to play a ghost and call it multi player. That is not the way it works dammit! EA games is just a huge disappointment for me.

Now onto Diablo 3! This is so much of a disappointment, I do not even want it anymore. Just like SSX, I really wanted to buy it day one. Well, that is not going to happen because it requires a constant internet connection, there is no LAN, and you can't mod it! Not to mention the AH is not exactly something that I think should be in there.

Like many of you, I have played the series from day one and I just can't bring myself to give a shit about it because of what has been removed. Even the massive amount of beer I drink can not make my drunken ass care about this game! It is not for lack of trying either! Hell, I broke my rule of not sticking any dumbass software such as steam and origin when Deus Ex: HR was released. I regret it and I refuse to stick some other shit like Bnet on my puter.

Games were so much better when people didn't care or think about piracy and actually made games for the actual players! These are just some of the reasons piracy is a much bigger deal than it was five years ago. They made games for the players and gamers bought the games. Now, it is just all a bunch dick measuring to see who can make the shittiest day one DLC, remove more features to put in said DLC, and who can control what the most. It sucks, it is disappointing and it almost makes me wanna give up gaming for knitting or pimping. :D

That is my rant for now. Back to beer. :D   read

5:50 PM on 03.18.2012

Warning! Not About Games

Thought I would run that by you just in case anyone thought my bitching was limited to games. :D

As an MG (Matured Gamer), I do have other interests aside from gaming. Yes, I know that is a shocker. My lazy ass also likes TV. Again, shocker! When my ass is not in front of the computer or playing one of the consoles, I find joy in TV.

Granted I usually only watch TV when I get up in the morning for the news and then later in the evening laying in my room watching my recorded stuff. I do watch a lot of TV even though it may look like I do not. I love lotsa shows! From the Good Eats to Futurama then from Pawn Stars to Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole. I really do watch a lot of TV. Although I can't stand certain shows. Anything on MTV or what they call tv during a weekday comes to mind. That is not my problem though. OK, it is, but not for this blog entry. My problem: Watermarks!!!

These things irritate the monkey shit out of me. Well, some of them. There are certain ones that are all good. Such as Fox or Comedy Central. They are small, out of the way and transparent. You barely know they are even there and it is great! However, there is also some nasty fuckers such as H2, History, and the Science Channel.

Seriously, I have no fuckin clue why the Science Channel decided to change its watermark/logo to that giant black blob thing, but it is a giant eye sore that needs to go away! Tis a good thing I barely watch that channel as it went from good programming to 'How it is Made' all the damn time! History and H2 are another story completely. Mainly because I really do like to watch those channels.

Heaven forbid that no one knows that History channels colors are red and gold. Good Lord, it has been that way as far as I can remember! Sure, my memory is not what it used to be, but shit, I still know what the History channel logo looks like!

There is no reason at all for the gold and red H or H2 to be on the screen at all time. I would include the Science channel in this as well, but again they are really sucking so who gives a shit?

A few years ago, the H and the H2 were on the bottom right of the screen. Annoying, but I could ignore it. Now, however, it has been getting much worse. Not only do they have that shit stain H and H2 sitting there through every show, they added ads above it and to the side of it!!! Like the insane amount of commercials wasn't enough.

I am not sure when this happened, but as I was watching recorded episodes of Ancient Aliens a few days ago, the H2 logo moved to the top right and then had transparent 'ad' telling me that I was watching a new episode on the left!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me? Since when do I need to be told what I am watching?

That wasn't even the worst part! Yah, I know! You are asking how can that be true? Easily! They put that dumb ass watermark on commercials that will be airing on that network later!!!! lol. It is beyond retarded! Why in the hell would you watermark a commercial! What moron thinks that someone is going to pirate a commercial? I have a DVR just to skip through all the shit they stick on there! A thirty minute show is only fifteen minutes because of the commercials and then you have to suffer through the ads they stick on there during the show!

A lot of people have cable or satellite and it tells you what channel you are watching! There is no damn reason for these donkeyballsucking-inyourface-makemewannaturnthechannel wattermarks to be there anymore! Yeah, piracy. Who gives a shit! There is not really a whole lot on these channels that people wanna pirate! Tis not like it is a game! It is a show you watch once and then it goes bye bye! I mean shit, they play shows in the morning and then when four o'clock rolls around, they play the same damn shows til eight pm!

I love to watch Ancient Aliens, but it is starting to get to the point where I would rather go download the show than to sit there and have to suffer through the shitty water mark that is always fuckin there even through the commercials!

That is the end of my rant for now. :D   read

4:02 PM on 03.17.2012

Borderlands 2: A Love Hate Relationship

A few days ago it was brought to my attention that Borderlands 2 would have steamworks and this really, really irritated the crap out of me. I know I keep mentioning the fact that I hate steam, but every damn game keeps flocking to the craptastic service. That is the hate part. Not sure you could tell.

The love part though, is that it will have LAN play! Even offline!!! This make me a very very happy man. Hence my problem. Yes, I do have a steam account because it was necessary for Deus Ex: HR and Skyrim, but I still really really loathe it. I almost wanna throw up just saying I have a steam account. However, Borderlands was awesome and I would guess that B2 will be better and due to the LAN play I want it!

I was really going to buy Borderlands 2 and then just get a crack so I didn't have to use Steam, but since the LAN thing came into play, I think I may just have to get two or more copies even though it means I will have to run steam on more than one puter. *^%*&%&^$%# Kills me just thinking about it.

That is about all I have for now as it is St. Patty's Day and I need to get back to drinking. :D   read

4:38 PM on 03.15.2012

Diablo 3 has a Release Date....

...and I could care less! It is really sad too as I played the holy hell out of the first two. The first one I played on the PS with my cousin for a month straight! Seriously, hours and hours were played. All kindsa love for Diablo. Maybe it was because two people could play it at the same time or it could be that it was just awesome. Then, some years later, Diablo 2 came out! I thought I was going to jizz myself. Bought two copies day one and played LAN on a constant basis. Hell, still fire it up to this day. Then D3 was announced a couple years back and I crapped myself. However, the more info that was released, the more I just did not care.

Three things killed it for me; no LAN, no mods, and the need to be connected to just to play.

I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but I really fucking hate having to install some dumb ass app just to play a game. For years I would not play any game that required steam and I will denounce it every chance I get. However, I know times change and I installed that POS so I could play Deus Ex: HR and Skyrim. Since I broke my cardinal rule of gaming for those two, I now have Origin, some Ubi crap for Heroes 6 and another for Trackmania. I refuse to install! Yeah, I know what you are thinking: 'Why not? You already broke and installed all the other crap.' I can not take any more crap from the devs and publishers just because they want to have total control.

I will tell you this, even though I loved the Battlefield series, the Heroes series, and Skyrim was great, I just can not bring myself to deal with this horse shit anymore.

Even though Diablo is one of my all time favorite games, I just cant justify buying a game that takes all the things that made it great away in the name of control and I really regret buying BF3 for that reason.

On the plus side of things, Torchlight 2 will have LAN and you can mod it! That makes me a happy MG!

I really hope that Diablo 3 sucks balls and doesn't sell worth a crap! Tis a pipe dream, but I long for the days when games were made to make gamers happy and not some shit just to control what you can and can not do in the name of the almighty dollar!

You want me to buy games again? Bring back the days of Battlefield 1942 where mods and maps flowed freely! Of course that won't happen because if it did, no one would pay for the map packs they charge 4000000 freaking dollars for!

Diablo 3 should have me jumping up and down with joy, but it is not and I feel like shit because of it. I would bitch some more, but I needs a beer. :D   read

1:24 PM on 03.15.2012

A Little Bit About Me

As suggested, this will be my intro blog post. :D

How to begin.....well, I will be 38 next month, been married for 18 years, and have five kids. I live in WV, although that hasn't always been the case. I was born here, then moved to California when I was five, moved to Ohio when I was 15, then back to WV 26 or so. I have been playing games and writing for as long as I can remember.

I usually use the nick 'Nxs', but it was easier to sign in with my fb account than to sign up. Yes, I am that lazy. If you are wondering where the Olo Nexus nick came from, it was due to the fact that Guild Wars would not let me use 'Nxs' so, I hit the suggest a name button and this is what popped up. I have used it for every MMO since then. :D

I work for another game site. I use the word 'work' loosely though. :D Been there for almost ten years. Wrote reviews then did back end things, then marketing, then basically PR and ran the forums. I like screwing around with vBulletin and banning spammers. :D That being said, I do stay home all day and the wife works. So, I play games and write all day.

I visit all kindsa game sites as I really really like games. My favorite hobbies are drinking, smoking, and pissing and moaning! I love to bitch about almost anything as you will most likely discover. However, I do have a sense of humor and am not politically correct! :D

I own two gaming PC's, four laptops, three 3DS', a 360, PS3, Wii, iPOD, SGS2, and a partridge in a pear tree. Like I said, I love gaming. Although lately it is starting to irritate me.

I think that should pretty much cover it. :D   read

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