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Olima's blog

1:39 PM on 01.14.2009

My Gaming Setup: Double Bash!!

Me and my brother PySk are living together (in a totally not gay way) since I was born. I'm moving out in a few weeks and for that reason we decided to present our legendary, absolutely awesome crap/ gaming crap. Transform and roll out:

I'll begin with my brother's room. A few months ago he "tried" to renovate his room, but failed buying a new rack for his games. So they are stored in two gigantic boxes.

Heaven looks like this! (Jean Reno is manifique)

PySk has got a original PlayStation, PlayStation2 and (Suprise!) a PlayStation3, an original XBox and a rare non-hacked PSP.

His PS1, PS2 are stored in his closet. The XBox is used as a (f*cking noisy) DVD-Player in the living room. Oh, look at his white, fancy, broken Mac Razer mouse.

Here are his XBox and PS1 games, a japanese DualShock3, a TimeCrisis light gun and a Gran Turismo 4 art book, which was a present of mine. (If you look closely, you can see that he got 2 copies of Halo 2... LAN Partey!!)

An N-Gage....I know...

Lotz of PSP games (who buys PSP games anyway), PS3 games, PS2 games and Blu-rays (OMFG Enter the Matrix!? Really? You're no longer my sister...).

His pride and joy: A 37'' Samsung LCD-TV. Stylish

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present you the crappiest controller mankind ever invented. It's a motion-sensing controller for the PS1, which actually doesn't sense any motions. Sixaxis > this shit

Now it's time to look at my room:

I've got a:

NES, SNES, Mega Drive, C64, N64, Wii, Xbox 360, a lot of different Game Boys, a NeoGeo Pocket Color (!) and an Xbox 360 ELITE and chaos...

This one was a promo thing (like that one in the header image) in a Best Buy like store in our hometown. Btw I hate the water temple! Link is the last thing I see before I fall asleep. Sw33t

DS, Gamecube and Wii games. I know there are some pretty shitty games, especially for Gamecube, but I literally bought every game. But a few titles like Odama and Geist are really underrated in my opinion.
I forgot to take a picture of my 360 games, but it is pretty average collection. (I bought Banjo: Nuts and Bolts and I love it, suckers)

Game Boy, Game Boy Color (with Game Boy camera), 3(!!!!!) GBA SP, Game Boy printer ( needs SIX AA batteries, ridiculous I say), NDS and a NeoGeo Pocket Color with all six games I own for the system.
In the box are lots of Game Boy games of any kind. The purple device got me a Mew. I was the coolest kid in school! Gotta catch'em all.

NES, SNES, Mega Drive (not Genesis), C64 and games. Special mentions: The cover art of Bionic Commando for NES and the cool cases for the N64 cartridges. Aww, Perfect Dark, good times...(The XBox 360 one sucked balls.)

Collection of freaky and sometimes completely useless controllers. (I look at you, N64 arcade stick!)
There should also be Rock Band 2 instruments on this picture, but EA and/or MTV don't care about Europe. Bastards!


This pins are presents from the official Nintendo magazine of Austria, which died a few years ago. You got the golden Mario pin for being a subscriber three years straight.

Best Sonic game since Dreamcast... and Mario shower gel, huh?!

Marios not even their mom could love. Look at the second one, his pants and shirt swapped colors. Fugly


After this one most of you will hate me. This is a handrawn painting of pika-pikachu made by my GIRLFRIEND. HA!

That's it! Thanks for reading! We excuse us for the likely abuse of the English language, but it's not our mother tongue. We are from Austria (where I work part time for the biggest gaming magazine>> of the country), to be more precise from the same city, where Arnold Schwarzenegger was born. So it's not that bad, isn't it? Anyway, we have to GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!

Written with lotz of help from PySk, THX!   read

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