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OldschoolVgamer avatar 12:02 AM on 01.23.2008  (server time)
My ideal utopian paradise...

Is one of anarchism, where people get along and government isn't there to bumfuck everyone else to serve their own agenda. As I look at it, having no government would help solve problems with various financial and cultural problems a society has as a lot of it is due to the insufficiencies that lazy politicians lay forth and the privilege and high status given to those who are of a significant level of control as versus to the rest which are citizens just like them, no better and no worse.

This isn't to say that some order should be allowed as any other way would allow crime to run rampant and the necessary services we need to live might be hard to establish, in which case I think a mutually agreed system of crime control and tax system could take place, instead of an elite few choosing how it's done allowing for the balance of power and fairness to be shifted. I swear that even though this country is supposed to have a system of checks and balances, the rich got the edge. Money equals power. I don't really like a few things about capitalism, but that is another story.

Government can also in a lot ways foster laziness as when a person relies on a politician, meaning someone else to do it for them, there's increasingly less reason to do it for themselves. As just one example, I hear numerous complaints by video game players that it's not the governments job to censor or limit games as it, not only violates First Amendment rights, but also because it's the parent's job to get off their fucking ass and take the evil unholy demon spawn from hell known as Grand Theft Auto out of their little brats hands. But parents these days more and more seem to not want to do their job as a parent, but still want their kids to behave and turn out right instead allowing the government to help try and play nanny. A matter of wanting all the result with little work involved. Now I know it is true that parents have a hell of a responsibility, even more so as the world continues to be a complex place to live in so they might need a little help. But sometimes I swear that the parents aren't taking enough of their fare share. If you rely on them too much, you eventually lose IMO a little of the personal control and in turn, you could be bumfucking yourself.

Now I just thought that this was a good idea to post this as it would be little change of pace, which is good every now and then, but if anyone doesn't like my views then that is your right, I just don't trust government and a lot of authority. Not to say I don't like democracy, because I do. Electing leaders before they become a bumfucker, but being able to vote them out or boo them for the rest of their career if they start to show aspects of bumfuckery is a cool thing to have. But I still remain an unceasing skeptic of government, authority, and the agendas of the elite.

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