My real name is Smith Garvin and as people constantly point out, i'm the only person they've met with the first nsme Smith. I remember when I was 5, ripping open a oddly shaped package at Christmas, and beholding the awesome glory of an NES complete with Mega Man and Kirby's adventure. From that point on, I was a die-hard gamer. Since then I've owned a Playstation, PS2, N64, SNES, and gamecube of all things. I now currently own all 7th gen. systems. And if somethin' rumored to be good comes out, or if it's mediocre but I still wanna play it, I'm gonna get it. I'm very picky on online stuff. Xbox LIVE or PSN ain't my thing. I mostly just enjoy playing locally with people I'm not ashamed to call my friends. I basically enjoy all types of games, no matter how much I may suck at some genres. (Rts's kick my ass.) Anyway, my lineup changes as new stuff comes out, but right now i'm playin' God of War III, FF XIII, Metro 2033,SC:Conviction and Mass Effect 2.
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Hedonism is defined as a school of ethics where pleasure is the only intrinsic good, and games are no exception. When you buy a game like Modern Warfare 2 or Halo 3, do you play through the single player, and then commit your heart and soul to the multiplayer aspect too? Will you be putting on that head set, popping in that disc, and griping that you didn't get (insert a weapon here) even though you called it first, 10 years from now? If yes, you are not what I call a hedonistic gamer.

When I think of a hedonist, I think of a guy who has sex with someone, and discards theme once they have become average or overstayed their welcome. If this describes you, then take a good long look at yourself and decide if you're badass or just evil. But this isn't about that. Hedonistic gaming is a term I use for people like myself, who buy games and then sell them back quickly to get that maximum store credit to put toward their next title. Buy them, use them, discard them. Don't get me wrong there are exceptions to this. Game's that deliver a strong single player experience that I'll want to have on hand to relive at some point, or provide good ol' fashioned fun when I have friends over, like Resident Evil, God of War, SSBB, or Heavy Rain are games i'm likely to never sell. But I will admit i'm guilty of hedonistic gaming.

So I ask you all, are you hedonistic gamers? Do you suffer from an ADD like disorder that renders you unable to devote your life to a single title, and would rather discard them for a new game? Is out with the old, in the new, even if the old is barely a month old, your motto? If so, join me! If not, then you probably think I'm an idiot, in which case, rest assured you are hardly alone. If so, what games have you discarded that can be considered good? What game were they sacrificed for, to bring you a step closer to? And what games of yours have the shining distinction of being, "keepers"? Share your thoughts!
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