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Ol Smitty's blog

11:36 AM on 04.15.2010

Splinter Cell Conviction review by a regular, unproffesional guy

After a long delay and a complete overhaul, Sam Fisher is back, and he's mad. But is his newest adventure worth your time? Read on and decide for yourself. If you didn't play Double Agent, the previous game in the series...   read

11:42 AM on 04.13.2010

Just Cause 2 review by a regular, unprofessional guy

I've actually been planning to review this for awhile, so here goes. Again, as with my metro 2033 review, i'm gonna give you, the public, my thoughts, nothing more. First, I wanna get my criticisms outta the way first. ...   read

12:35 PM on 03.30.2010

Hedonistic Gamers: Are YOU one of them?

Hedonism is defined as a school of ethics where pleasure is the only intrinsic good, and games are no exception. When you buy a game like Modern Warfare 2 or Halo 3, do you play through the single player, and then commit...   read

1:20 PM on 03.23.2010

Metro 2033 review by a regular, unproffesional guy

I read about Metro 2033 in passing, and logged in that back part of your brain reserved for stuff you THINK you may revisit later. When it finally came out, I had some money to throw around and my 360 was needing some love, ...   read

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