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OhJAM's blog

11:50 AM on 10.31.2008

Agreed: Sterling Edition

If you haven't read Jim Sterling's feature The Battered Wives Of The Gaming World, do so now or face the wrath of a thousand pimp-hands. He's got more than a few points on display. MMOs: This, my friend is why I don't even ...   read

10:33 PM on 10.09.2008

The FEAR: Game Over?

What I fear the most is simple, and while most people would argue that times have changed significantly and aren't like they were 25 years ago, I still fear a market crash. I look at the amount of shovelware that hits the s...   read

10:04 PM on 10.09.2008

SF4 TGS08 Trailer Impressions

Hot. Shit. I know that this is a shitty excuse for a blog entry, but I had to get this out of the damn way, man. This game is so ingrained into my GNA (Gamer's Genetic Code) that I will sell a kidney to play that motherfuck...   read

5:11 PM on 10.09.2008

There's No Justice: GG2:Overture Review

So as a fighting game fanatic, I was pretty interested to see what the possibilities of a genuinely new Guilty Gear entry could bring to the franchise, especially after the Street Fighter 2-ification of the series (GGX, GGX...   read

9:41 PM on 10.06.2008

Of Quality And Quantity, or How It Feels To Get Old

Here's the deal: I leave the quarter-century mark behind me this Saturday, October 11th. As I approach the 26th anniversary of being forcibly ejected out of my mother, I can't help but take stock of the things that I've lear...   read

9:37 PM on 10.06.2008

Back for the first time!

So, after finally getting the settings on my computer to not block Dtoid cookies and sacrificing not one, not two, but three wild goats to some ancient arcane demigod, I have finally gotten my happy ass back to blogging at Destructoid. And I may have triggered the beginning of the Apocalypse, but that still remains to be seen. At least I can still blog...IN HELL.   read

9:56 PM on 05.21.2008

If You Love It, Change It: Virtual ON

I just made a post about this exact topic two days ago, and now I've really decided to expand on the idea. A contest for front-page glory is nice, but that's not my impetus, my real goal is in spreading the word that such a ...   read

1:09 AM on 05.20.2008

Just a thought - SHMUPS?

This isn't really a full-on "post." This is just a thought that I kicked around and wanted to know how the general populace thought about it. Radio Allergy (Radirgy) was supposed to come out last May for the GC and be Wii c...   read

10:19 PM on 05.19.2008

Resuscitate Me, Vol. I - Virtual ON

With just about every game I see these days getting a crazy, plastic peripheral controller, it makes me pine for the good old days. Not because there were any less crazy plastic peripherals that were being produced for the...   read

6:38 PM on 05.18.2008

Of Souls And Cleavage - Thoughts Upon SoulCalibur IV

In all honesty, this is a copy of a comment that I left on Sterling's news post about the costume change on the website. It's kind of lazy to do this for a blog post, and I'm sure I'll catch hell from a few folks, but I don...   read

9:57 PM on 05.12.2008


So, I kept puttering around and around trying to find a suitable place to drop my own caustic brand of science, and after a long time of internal deliberation, I have decided to roost here at Destructoid. I've got a good fee...   read

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