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Ogu avatar 4:31 PM on 07.04.2008  (server time)
Quick Code: Koala Home.

I've been wanting to change my homepage for some time now. I've been using a clone of the Opera Speed Dial feature for firefox and it's useful, but ugly as hell. That's when I thought about making my own little homepage. I didn't want to add URLs manually, so I made a little interface to make it simple for me to add them. I showed it to a friend and he said "hey, it's nice", so I added users and stuff. Thus, Koala Home was Born after about 4 hours of coding.

What's Koala home? It's nothing really useful actually. It's just a place to keep those websites you visit daily in one place so you can just have that as a homepage and click through them. You just login/register (the login form is the register form) and add links, titles and colors and you're good to go.

It's open for the general public if someone thinks they need something like this, the features are VERY limited though. No error/success reports it either does it or it doesn't... So, I hope you enjoy it if you use it, or at least enjoy the pretty colors.

Visit Koala home.
Here's my Koala Home.
Some Other Homes

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