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Ogu's blog

8:19 PM on 05.27.2009

Secret Counter :O Shit.

There's an event here called Temporada de Patos, big tournament thing with a bunch of different games. They do this event every six months, so I figured I'd browse around the website. And oh shit, what do I find, apparently...   read

4:31 PM on 07.04.2008

Quick Code: Koala Home.

I've been wanting to change my homepage for some time now. I've been using a clone of the Opera Speed Dial feature for firefox and it's useful, but ugly as hell. That's when I thought about making my own little homepage. I ...   read

12:33 AM on 01.02.2008

Indie Game of the Now: Valdis Story

Valdis Story (demo 3.0) by Endless Fluff Valdis story is a pretty 2D platformer very much like Castlevania. 'nuff said. Graphics Valdis story has some of the nicest art I've seen in an Independent game. Everything f...   read

6:32 PM on 12.10.2007

Indie Game of the Now: Blocksum

Blocksum by ginger and xor BLOCKSUM is a very new typed action puzzle game. For everyone who can add numbers to 20. Graphics As you can see from the screen shots, blocksum has a set of hi-tech graphics. Being a puzzl...   read

11:57 PM on 12.03.2007

Indie Game of the Now: Knytt Stories

Knytt Stories by Nifflas In Knytt Stories, each level is its own little adventure. One level is included with the game, where you have to stop a machine that draws the life out of the planet. An official expansion pack i...   read

12:34 AM on 11.26.2007

Indie Game of the Now: Noitu Love

Foreword Well, as a side effect of being a mexican, I'm poor. This means that I must get my gaming fix from either pirating software and/or Indie games. And that's pretty much why I'm starting this section called "Indie Ga...   read

11:44 AM on 11.14.2007

Temporada de Patos: The Aftermath.

November 10th was a not-important date in the History of Cross-Border Gaming. Me and some friends had the pleasure of hosting a small gaming tournament, the third of its kind. I will sprinkle some pictures around here in c...   read

2:08 PM on 09.15.2007

Wild Mexican Gamer Appears

This is my introductory post for my community blog in destructoid, I shall explain what it's all about. Living in Mexico is weird, the gamer demographics are really weird: packers, smashers, gothgamers, jgamers, casuals, etc...   read

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