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OddEddie avatar 2:25 PM on 10.17.2013  (server time)
Brazil is getting the PS4 ... For about 2,000 US$ a pop

It's no secret that not every country gets the same price tags as the US for both consoles and games, also not a secret that Brazil has high taxes on electronics, but has slowly started to work to correct that, so much that the PS3 is much more accessible and has enjoyed greater acceptance to the Brazilian crowd. You'd think Sony would keep it up with the PS4, right? RIGHT?!

This very much sums the reaction of ... well everyone really.

When first revealed at E3 this year, rumors claimed that Sony was aiming to release the upcoming console at a fair price closer to the US price tag, today said statement was proven false when the price tag for Brazilian customers put the PS4 at a price tag of approximately 1,875 US Dollars (That's 3,999 Brazilian Reais). While the Xbox One is going for a 1,050 US Dollars (2,100 Brazilian Reais) price tag on release.

Forget getting a car, wanna show a lady you got the green, then get one of these

 If anything they're giving the perfect argument to buy a PC with access to a library of over 200 games already bought on Steam, the price point is that same of a high-end PC that would last as long as the next-gen. 

Since Sony doesn't want it, i'll just give it to Valve and

As a PS3 and PC owner that objected to the Xbox One policies, to a point of not purchasing the console, Sony sure isn't helping themselves when it comes to one of the markets that's been continuously growing.

Sources: KotakuPlaystation Blog Brazil (In Portuguese)

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