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6:45 PM on 08.20.2010

Mini Rant: unforgivable

Today I read about the lovely man who decided to sue the makers of Lineage II because he claimed he became so heavily addicted to the game that he couldn't function. I'm pretty sure my reaction was the same as everyone who has read about it: This man has no one to blame but himself. He clearly has a huge lack of organization and self motivation to maintain a healthy gaming lifestyle.

The scary thing to me is this isn't the first guy to pull a stunt like this. So many people let their lives succumb to the epic realms of MMORPGS and online/multiplayer games and for the life of me I just don't think I could ever do the same. I can see where it is an "escape" from reality. Suddenly the flaws that you were born with are gone and you have a say in what you should be like. It's an awesome thought. Or for me I think it would be the fact you have an alter ego. It's just a flashy intense kind of thing to say you have. I think it is fine to play MMORPGs but it has it's limits (this isn't .hack...or...?)

What I cannot forgive though is when people use gaming as an excuse. You are responsible for your own actions, no game or game developer should be held accountable for something you are doing in their world. If you cannot go to work because you are too busy grinding in WOW thats just really lame. I'm sorry. I'm no huge go-getter, wake up at 4 am and take a jog type but theirs a point when doing whats necessary is...well, necessary. Life shouldn't stop for an alternate reality.

Hearing about things like this make me survey my own habits in the gaming and real world. Do I spend more time with my DS than my family? Could I put down the controller just long enough to go get some laundry done? I admit, I let myself splurge on games. When I first started playing pokemon soul silver I don't think I put it down for two days straight. Forgive and forget? Yes. But only because I know I haven't dropped anything of dire importance. (Like breathing.)

In the end it all comes down to balance. It seems so common sense, too. Play WOW, play pokemon, play call of duty and starcraft 2, but for godsakes just play in moderation. Their is a reason they are called games. They are for entertainment and recreational purposes, not for filling the holes in your real life. That's what therapy and online dating are for.   read

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