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Ocified-Xboxer avatar 2:42 PM on 06.14.2013  (server time)
Why won't M$ take a page from Sony with XBL gold/PS+?!?

Initially when I saw that Sony was going to charge for services online (if you choose to, so still free) I didn't know what Sony was planning.  I still find XBL to be more stable when playing online, and as long as that's the case, I'll plop down my 50 bucks annually.  But M$ doesn't reward the consumer.  Sony does...  

Whether it is free fully featured games, free add ons to games, or free PSN games I know I'm getting a return on my investment into Sony online.  Setting aside the fact that there are usually at least a handful of great freebies at any given time, they also discount quite a bit of stuff.  Again running the gambit from freebies to discounts...  Yet M$ gives balls.

Sure they have "weekly deals" and that's all fine and good...  But why the fuck don't they give any deals on newer stuff?  Instead of giving me half off of an XBLA game that's 2 years old???  (most of which are available to 'silver' members as well)

Maybe it's because the 360 has outsold the PS3 and Sony is doing this to catch up...  I doubt I'd get more in return if that were the case (and it wouldn't be "premium" content).  Does Sony care more about the consumer?  (I laughed as soon as I thought of that)  Highly doubtful.

So why is it that M$ refuses to reward long term customers (I've got 9 or 10 years on XBL) with freebies or major discounts?  This is the one area of the online space that Sony is head and shoulders above the giant known as XBL.  I know Sony doesn't give a shit about me, but I still feel the love when I get Sleeping Dogs free, or when I get Tekken 6 free on my Vita (the psp version).  Sony actually makes me feel valued as a consumer...  M$ is dropping the ball.  BIGTIME

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