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This has to be one of the worst series finales of all time.  Right up there with the Sopranos.  At least on that show, the resolution was up to the viewer.  But after 7 glorious seasons, to end on that note?!!!!?!!!!

Killng Deb?  OK.  Dexters penance for trying to ride the fence and live in both worlds.  But at the end he's an emotional logger?  WTMF!  The fans, loyal fans deserved better.  We all deserved better.  The final season (8) wasn't a great one by the shows measure, and to end on such a whimpering note is not only a slap in the face, but a kick to the balls, and being run over...  Repeatedly.  

Fuck you very much to the writers who thought closing out the series in this fashion was a god idea.  

I'm now gloomy about next Sundays Breaking Bad finale...  I know Vince Gilligan is brilliant, and has helped to tie up almost every question the series has put forth thus far.  We are left with 1 episode.  But as great a show as BB is, I now wonder will it fall into the same trap.  

Dexter has always been a well written, thought out show.  Maybe not to the extent of BB, but it was definitely a top 5 drama on TV.  I hope I'm not left with the utter ridiculousness of a fucking logger who sheds a tear like the garbage drenched indian in the old commercials.  


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