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As described in the Urban Dictionary...

1. ocified-Being completed wasted to the point you dont know what to do with yourself.

Man if i hit that shit again ill be ocified

2. XBOXer-A Person (Usually Male) who plays the XBOX as a Hobby or in a more pathetic case an important part of their daily lifestyle.

Also usually a question you ask a fellow nerd.

"Hey! Are you a XBOXer?"


People pick on me because I have a Cabbage for head....

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This has to be one of the worst series finales of all time.  Right up there with the Sopranos.  At least on that show, the resolution was up to the viewer.  But after 7 glorious seasons, to end on that note?!!!!?!!!!

Killng Deb?  OK.  Dexters penance for trying to ride the fence and live in both worlds.  But at the end he's an emotional logger?  WTMF!  The fans, loyal fans deserved better.  We all deserved better.  The final season (8) wasn't a great one by the shows measure, and to end on such a whimpering note is not only a slap in the face, but a kick to the balls, and being run over...  Repeatedly.  

Fuck you very much to the writers who thought closing out the series in this fashion was a god idea.  

I'm now gloomy about next Sundays Breaking Bad finale...  I know Vince Gilligan is brilliant, and has helped to tie up almost every question the series has put forth thus far.  We are left with 1 episode.  But as great a show as BB is, I now wonder will it fall into the same trap.  

Dexter has always been a well written, thought out show.  Maybe not to the extent of BB, but it was definitely a top 5 drama on TV.  I hope I'm not left with the utter ridiculousness of a fucking logger who sheds a tear like the garbage drenched indian in the old commercials.  


9:40 PM on 09.20.2013

It's been a good long while since I played Diablo 2.  Whe 3 came out, I was pumped, but alas my laptop couldn't handle the awesome sauce.  Well, now that I've gotten to sink my teeth in thanks to Blizzard bringing it to consoles (seriously, thank you Blizzard) I'm shell shocked.  It's phenomenal (as I already read...  repeatedly).  But what the crazy thing is, how did I ever get so into it with all the goddamned clicking?!?!?!?

On consoles you just control the characters movements.  Sounds like a simple thing, and it is...  But OMG what a difference a platform makes!  I'll probably never go back to D2 because I've been washed in the glow that can only come from PLAYING Diablo, as opposed to CLICKING my way through.  

As I popped the disc into my PS3, I was full of excitement.  Here it was, D3 in all its splendor and RPG hack-n-slash goodness.  But as soon as I was able to get cracking, just running around without scrolling and clicking, and fighting without clicking on each enemy repeatedly I had to wonder why it took so long, and a platform change to do something so simple.  So simple, yet so necessary.  

I know there are the purists who will want to click, and to them I say click on ahead.  As for me, the game has literally changed.  No matter how this tale spins, The console version of D3 has to be looked on (at least by most) as the definitive version.  I know you can't mod to pour gravy all over the biscut....  But if that's the trade off, I'll take it.  

I have GTA V sitting in my 360, begging to be played.  But my playstation has other ideas.  I've been blasting baddies and getting my loot on for almost 12 hours (with some minimal away time, like eating, loading up a bowl of green sticky goodness and getting drinks occasionally).

I implore those of you who have passed on prior iterations of the game for whatever reason to snag a copy and have at it.  (Unless you hate hack n slash RPGs)  I just hope that when the next Diablo game comes out, it will be on consoles on day 1, and that the control scheme used in 3 can be used by PC players.  Blizzard emancipated Diablo, I hope that they continue to keep the characters off the leash in the future.

Ok kids, I want to scream in the face of the guy who et the guy who let the guy who let the guy program the driving in the game.  I know there were plenty of complaints about the driving in GTA IV, but the loosey goosey ridiculousness of the 'Autos' that I thieve in a grand way is making me nuts!  At least in GTA 4 there were cars that slid, and there were more than a few dependable rides.  It doesn't seem that way (to me) this go round...

Now I won't put out any spoilers, but I will talk about the driving section of the prologue, and the driving (at least in the beginning) of the game itself.  Now I didn't go on a tear and play for 12 hours or anything.  I got my copy at 12:04 and was installing it by quarter after midnight.  I played til about 3:30 am.  I played for another hour or so at 7 am.  So I feel I've driven enough to make my point...  (Around 50 miles in game)

The prologues driving felt loose, but I figured that it was due to mother nature, and NOT the truck.  However, once I hit the dry sunny asphalt of Los Santos, that I'd be able to have more control.  Instead while driving straight, at a decent rate of speed, hitting a bump shot my rides into orbit.  The game will tell you that you can 'control' the car while in the air.  That's true to a certain degree... In the same way that when I fall down a flight of steps, I can control my descent.   EVERY TIME I hit the jumps, my car would automatically start to turn itself either right or left, and fighting to even out before I land on the pavement is a massive pain in the ass.  

Initially it's cool to see the car float and try to gain control, but when you're hauling ass to chase someone down, it becomes a nightmare.  Like GTA 4, you need a healthy dose of the actual break, and the e-brake to make routine turns at regular speeds.  (Talking about how we run the lights, and generally go faster than the traffic in the game itself)  However, unlike GTA 4, the cars are floaty...  Even while I was truckin in a tow truck, the jumps make it feel like there's helium in the tires, as opposed to that sweet sweet digital O2.  

I can't wrap my head around the fact that even the "taurus' & carollas" of the game feels like a super car hitting mach 5 on a jump; Control becomes more of a word than an actual ability over the car.  For a game with Auto in the title, you'd figure they'd be a little more automobile like, and not funny car.  I know you can fly a blimp in the game, I'm curious to find out how it handles in comparison...

If there's something I'm missing, please tell me so I can really enjoy the chases, and the insanity.  I was stoned playing last night, but that's no different than most nights when I get a new game and want to just dig in and enjoy.  But this morning I was stone cold sober, and still had the same issues.  I have the 360 version (although I came close to getting the PS3 version, but with no Vita support for it [I'll post something about this very soon], I figured why not get it on the platform I played 4 on).  

I haven't gone to forums for the game because I don't want any of the story ruined for me...  So let this be my venting, and asking...  Is it just me?  Or are you feeling the same way about the driving too?

Initially when I saw that Sony was going to charge for services online (if you choose to, so still free) I didn't know what Sony was planning.  I still find XBL to be more stable when playing online, and as long as that's the case, I'll plop down my 50 bucks annually.  But M$ doesn't reward the consumer.  Sony does...  

Whether it is free fully featured games, free add ons to games, or free PSN games I know I'm getting a return on my investment into Sony online.  Setting aside the fact that there are usually at least a handful of great freebies at any given time, they also discount quite a bit of stuff.  Again running the gambit from freebies to discounts...  Yet M$ gives balls.

Sure they have "weekly deals" and that's all fine and good...  But why the fuck don't they give any deals on newer stuff?  Instead of giving me half off of an XBLA game that's 2 years old???  (most of which are available to 'silver' members as well)

Maybe it's because the 360 has outsold the PS3 and Sony is doing this to catch up...  I doubt I'd get more in return if that were the case (and it wouldn't be "premium" content).  Does Sony care more about the consumer?  (I laughed as soon as I thought of that)  Highly doubtful.

So why is it that M$ refuses to reward long term customers (I've got 9 or 10 years on XBL) with freebies or major discounts?  This is the one area of the online space that Sony is head and shoulders above the giant known as XBL.  I know Sony doesn't give a shit about me, but I still feel the love when I get Sleeping Dogs free, or when I get Tekken 6 free on my Vita (the psp version).  Sony actually makes me feel valued as a consumer...  M$ is dropping the ball.  BIGTIME

11:03 PM on 06.12.2013

So with the launch of the PS4 looming, I'm curious who will brave the lines, and how much they'd be willing to pay for the console.  (ablsolute maximum, and it has to be based soley on your budget, not on,'I'd pay 5000 &'s for one')

I really want a Vita card larger that 32 gigs.  The cards are way way too small to put more than a hanfull of games onto it.  I don't see an issue with at the very least doubling the storage, and keeping the price relatively reasonable.  If I didn't have a gift card, I wouldn't have paid the full yard.

Just an FYI, there are some stellar game deals on psn this week  

Check out 'Call of Juarez: Gunslinger' and 'Shoot Many Robots' (the former will blow you away for a 15 dollar stand alone game.  Check it out.  Especially if you dug Red Dead Revolver back in the hey day of the PS2.  (RDR is alson on psn for $9.99

(Lotta PS stuff this post...  oh well)

I'll be the first to admit I'm not 1/100 the "artist" that there are among the Forza 3 community...But I figured I would give it a go....And where better to start than with Mr Destructoid? So here are some pics, and they are up on my storefront free of charge....I'd also like to say a big fat sorry to the fucking blog header, but apparently I can't delete it....So...Fuck it...

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