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How To Stomp GH: World Tour

I wish for a more complicated Drum-set. Since I know a LOT of Rock Band fans, I've been looking into how you can make a more complicated drum set, without complicating and overcrowding the market. 1. Make it an add-on. Ma...


Why Your Stupid Car Sucks...(NVGR)

Look, I'm not huge into hating stuff. However, that doesn't mean I never get angry. Case in point: people with loud pieces of shit on wheels. You're not fucking awesome, no matter how many spoilers you put on your shitty 198...


Games That Need Sequels!

Well, since there is no law against it, I'm posting a blog again. Late nights and painkillers make me feel like writing, and you guys always seem to listen! I'm gonna tell you what games I think are in need of a sequel. I don...


You're a Fanboy, and So Am I.

Deep down, all hardcore gamers feel an unbreakable bond towards a certain brand. In the real world, it's called loyalty. In the gamer community, you're a fanboy. It doesn't have to be this way! I'm here to give you some tips ...


Don't Watch a Movie With These People:

Since you, my adoring fans, seem to LOVE it when I post about useless crap, I'm going to make an article about who you should NEVER see a movie with. All profiles are based off of stereotypes. 14 year olds: I don't think I e...


Okay, So I lied. Shut Up.

Alright, as some of you may know, I wrote some fucking terrible blogs while I was going through a hard phase earlier. You all acted nicely, except some of you. Let me take this time to thank everyone, especially those who too...


The Story Behind My Life

So I've had people ask me why I hate Jim Sterling so much. I always answer this question with the same statement I use when trying to get my roommate to pay his share of the rent: "Because...I'll fucking kill you." And it's...


Factual Jim Sterling information.

All of this article is 100 percent true. Especially that first part. Jim Sterling has only crapped once. It's name was Satan. The sun wears Jim Sterling screen. Jim Sterling was given a writing assignment in first grade. ...


Jim Sterling and Missing Animals

I woke up this morning, and I looked outside, to see the sun shining, the grass blowing, and the trees swaying so gently in the warm wind. So I flip over to the news, and I hear about an epidemic of missing cats and dogs. The...


How to sell PC games.

The one thing that crosses my mind in the Console vs PC war is "why are consoles successful?" And it relies on a simple thing that crosses consumers minds. Longevity and security. PC needs a platform that upgrades every fi...


Bad Animations are Embarrassing.

Quick blog here. Am I the only one who finds themselves embarrassed at some of the animations in video games? When I want to show a non-hardcore-gamer Condemned, he made fun of me because of the horrible voice acting and rid...


About OMGLOLZone of us since 3:05 PM on 03.08.2008

I am pretty awesome, I'm a nice guy. I actually just lied to you, right to your stupid face. I bet you hate me. Stop reading this, I'm wasting your time.

Anyways, I'm a laid-back guy, with a sense of humor, and I love doing what I do. Which happens to be nothing. When I'm not doing nothing (DOUBLE NEGATIVE) I'm busy doing things that aren't important; like gaming!

I love Devil May Cry, and sometimes I cry when a great comes out on PC. I'm not a very good PC gamer, and my PC runs Crysis only on low (Barely, it crashes every 3 minutes).

If you're showing an interest in anything I type, feedback is fantastic. I'll do my best to waste my time as well as yours, just drop me a line, and gimme some advice, I have an opinion on everything.

Yes everything. Even what you're thinking right now. I think it's stupid.

P.S: I hate Jim Sterling.

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