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Kirby Series: Zero

Now to be honest, I don't like Kirby, I think Pokèmon is better then Kirby because its a less happier series then Kirby. But unfortunately I have to discuss about one of the bosses of the series. It all started when yesterda...


How can people stop owning pokemonfans in multiplayer gaming?

Why won't it end? Its gone far horrible. Even if pokemonfans owned M rated games they still don't give a fuck. So in my idea I think the only way to end this is for gamefreak to add these in the series. 1. Add blood and gore 2. Make characters swear 3. Racist *Of course its not a good thing but its something not gay* We all know this will not happen. idk why people like the older pokemon games


Motorstorm RC: Game Got A Little Boring

So back then before Motorstorm RC was released, there was a badass Motorstorm game that was badass. So badass that your playing during a apocalypse known as Motorstorm Apocalypse. I nevered got a chance to rent or buy this g...


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