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OHshuzballz the Noob hater and gaming related news reporter. Stay tuned with me as I share Game news Video game characters and more.

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I was thinking about some features that would make GTA V a great GTA game.
1. House Customization, of course. To aloud people to buy furniture for their house and materials to customize outside of the house.
2. View and select cars through your garage. Like on TDU2, you can select or view cars through your garage. This would be a wonderful feature for GTA V!
3. Buy houses for Multiplayer and singleplayer. Of course who would wanna have their own house mansion apartment or yacht for both game modes? Also as a feature players could invite their friends n ppl could View player's car or gun collection through his or hers house!
4. Better character customization and appearance customization. How about this for multiplayer n maybe singleplayer huh?
5. Last but not least Car customization. We would all like this feature. Would be a cool one!

Well thats it! Hope you guys liked these features! ^_^

Zombies, of course. Why Zombies you may ask? Basically Zombie mode would be a very good idea for multiplayer on GTA V!ive been always wanted to do Zombie survivals on GTA IV, it would be very fun! Making our own Zombie survival base just camping and all of those stuffs, but what about a real official Zombie survival mode for GTA V? I will probably get GTA V and kill Zombies with my homies..... lol speaking of homies, how about starting a Zombie survival team? I think I would start my own Zombie survival team. If you have anything to say about this just comment.

Ive played the 1st Lego Batman game, and I notice at gamestop when I was leaving I saw a poster of Lego Batman 2 The 2nd one had already been officially announced though, and it will be known as "Lego Batman 2 Dc Superheroes" as the 2nd one will probably have a reference to Dc's comic book series Justice League but in Gotham City instead. We will altough see Superman as you can see him in the left side holding a bad guy's leg. So does this mean we will see other Dc characters in this one like Green Lantern Wonderwoman and The Flash? Who knows.

7:08 AM on 04.23.2012

Now to be honest, I don't like Kirby, I think Pokèmon is better then Kirby because its a less happier series then Kirby. But unfortunately I have to discuss about one of the bosses of the series. It all started when yesterday I was text chatting with Landon. He asked me to do some research about Zero. Reason why because his pupil is bloodshoted and the way he died was when blood starts splattering off his eye. Im like what the fuck. Basically this was in a E Rated game. And they used him in the newest Kirby game. There were other bosses that Landon wanted me to look up but I refused too.

While you might have notice San Andreas came out on XBL. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas camed out both for the ps2 xbox and pc, but why did they only brought it to XBL? Was it just because it was incredibly fun? In other news I think Rockstar are giving us GTA games for us to download but available only for 1 system each. Grand Theft Auto IV becamed available to download on Playstation store. And GTA III becamed available to download only on the IPhone or any I related systems such as the IPod and the IPad. But on the psn forums on the Psn GTA forums many people made threads of them begging for Rockstar to bring San Andreas to Psn. Someday someone will call Rockstar to bring San Andreas to Psn. I would definitely download GTA San Andreas off Psn if it does come out. They also announced a trailer for GTA V meaning that we will see a 5th GTA game. Hope someday it will come out on Psn Store.

So yesterday I went to blockbuster and picked up SoulCalibur 5, the game was good. So I wanna discuss about Z.W.E.I's wolf Now I think this blog is gonna end up a little short since I don't know almost anything about Z.W.E.I but I know something about his wolf. Now Z.W.E.I was not the only Namco character that had some fucking random ghostly lookin wolf. There was another one named unknown which is the final boss for tekken tag tournament. If you don't believe me see for yourself So that freaky girl you see there is unknown or probably some people find her as jun, jin's mother I believe. Now what the fuck Namco, why did you had to make Z.W.E.I copied the final boss of tekken tag tournament? Isn't that bullshit? If I had a youtube account, I would do a vid called Z.W.E.I vs unknown. Who you think would win?
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