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OHShuzBallz avatar 12:33 PM on 06.22.2012  (server time)
Test Drive Unlimited 2: Can Spamming Ever Get Any Worse?

We all hate spammers because their annoying. I hate it my friends on psn hates it everyone hates it but possibly except for the people on the TDU2 Casino.

TDU2 AKA Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a driving game and it is the sequeal to the first TDU game. As one of the dlc's we have the Casino where you can just go rape all of your stupid money and turn them into chips and just spent all of them at Poker Roulette and Slot Machines. Im fine with Roulette but lets just get to the topic about the Spammers thing already.

Since I got the Casino Dlc this spamming invites thing started to happen. It happens to me every single fucking day and it never stops. But I think after I came back right after my data got corrupted. That time when I came back to TDU2 was in the day when DLC2 first came out. And then when I went to the casino luckily I was still able to use any of the dlc's I purchased but for the cars I have to buy them again even if my data got corrupted. There was not that many people at the casino. Whenever or not if this could be the reason that theres too many spammers at the Casino or maybe it might be due to the loading times for the update.

Today I went on google to find out if anyone was having the same problem as me and so far nobody else is probably having this problem. My username on psn is pokemonfan58, so now this makes me wonder could the reason why im getting spammed might be because the Test Drive Unlimited 2 Casino has too much Pokemon fans that they just keep inviting me for me to join them, most of the invites were invites to Poker Tournaments Level 4 or is this just happening to piss me off?

I don't know so far but someday I just hope this stops!

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