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OHShuzBallz avatar 2:06 PM on 09.01.2012  (server time)
Is Call of Duty trying to destroy all other Gaming franchises?

Call of Duty. As far we all know Call of Duty is a very popular fps gaming franchise and so far theres over like 1 or 10 million people playing Call of Duty but it appears that the fps franchise we all love might be turning out to be all of the other Gaming franchises worst enemy yet!

I remember back then I used to have MW3 for rent can't believe how much I sucked at fps but yeah it was some good shit! As far many people are excited for Black ops 2 im gonna guess that the more they make more Call of Duty games the more franchises are gonna die leaving the future of new video games are only gonna be Call of Duty!

Prototype yeah unfortunetly Call of Duty killed the Prototype franchise and why? Because they had to do it so they probably can make more Call of Duty games! I never played Prototype 1 and 2 but yeah so Prototype basically got owned by Call of Duty but why? Why is Infinity Ward doing this? I just hope that they don't kill the Pokemon franchise because im a huge fan of Pokemon and if Call of Duty kills the Pokemon franchise! Then Call of Duty deserves the Ass award!

But as far as I believe! I think all of the Prototype fans are already blaming Call of Duty for this and probably some of them wanna actually kill all of the members of Infinity Ward the creators of the Call of Duty franchise for this! The Megaman franchise is already killed by as we all know it Capcom the people who made Megaman and now Prototype which had to be the best video game series. What the fuck! Theres no need to do this Infinity Ward, even if you don't do this and you have to stop making Call of Duty games no matter what im pretty sure people will still be playing your Call of Duty shit so what the fuck! From what I have to say about this Call of Duty heres another Reward for starting to destroy other game franchises!

Someone on my psn friends list told me this when I was in a voice chat with him!

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