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OHShuzBallz avatar 4:05 PM on 06.18.2012  (server time)
Imagine if PS1 games had Multiplayer...

We know about back then Video Games did not had Multiplayer because of probably the technology. While not alot of Ps2 games had Multiplayer where you can go against players all over the world. But
thats just the Beginning of Video Games, but what if Ps1 games actually had Multiplayer?

Sony invented the Playstation 1 back in 1995 I believe. While they may had did some pretty good games for the Playstation 1 back then such as Warhawk and Twisted Metal, altough after Twisted Metal 2 things gone far wacky as hell!

In 1999 or in 1998 Gran Turismo 2 was made. Altough it had shitty ass graphics the game is still fun but I always wanted it to come on the Playstation Store due to the fact that my GT2 game had freezing problems. I didn't really took good care of my games back then, I normally used to put my PS2 games on top of my PS2 back then but now im taking good care of my games now, but sometimes they may not work even if I really took great care of them, and for Nintendo DS and 3DS games I would actually get them lost accidently and now I lost my Pokemon White Cartridge and I can't find it. I personally think I lost it in a store or a resturant I just don't know but that would be bullshit.

As if they make a HD Remake of Gran Turismo 2 with Multiplayer I would be super happy. But what if they don't then I would be stuck with the freezing problems with my Gran Turismo 2 game I own on disc.

Id prefer Gran Turismo 1 not to come on Playstation Store since I think Gran Turismo 2 owns the fuck out of Gran Turismo 1. But imagine both Gran Turismo ps1 classics both 1 and 2 come to Playstation Store as HD Remakes with Multiplayer. As far as I think I think that Playstation Store just got some of the best Playstation 2 classics such as Need For Speed Most Wanted and Stuntman Ignition but they would of got GTA San Andreas on Playstation Store already since its the best GTA game.

Luckily they actually brought GTA IV on Playstation Store which is another great GTA game but still GTA San Andreas is the best even if GTA IV has better graphics then GTA San Andreas. Both of those 3 Playstation 2 classics that I mention are still good games.

What if PD actually did a limited edition of Gran Turismo 6 where gamers redeam the code for the Gran Turismo 6 Limited Edition and get new content or even get Gran Turismo 1 and 2 like they did with Starhawk where if we redeem the code for the Limited Edition we get Warhawk and probably all the DLC's. That would be fine, but im sure the people who made Gran Turismo sure have some ideas for Gran Turismo 6 up their sleeves.

Their are some other great Ps1 games that would of deserve some Multiplayer but if they actually did a new ps1 game im pretty sure it would be for children in my idea.

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