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Nyteshade avatar 7:39 PM on 05.11.2009  (server time)
Nine Inch Nails Rocking Tampa: A Photoblog

Let me start by saying that if the NIN/JA tour is coming anywhere near you (check here to find out), buy tickets right now!

Click here to download a free six track sampler of the NIN/JA music. Two tracks from each of the performing bands.

Trent is retiring NIN after this tour, so it may be a long time before you can see them again (see the pic of my shirt from the concert near the bottom, 1989-2009).

NIN/JA Rocking Tampa

Over the weekend my friend and I drove up to Tampa to see NIN rock the Ford Amphitheater. I didn't have a good camera, but one of my friends did and got some fantastic shots of SSSC, NIN, and Jane's Addiction.

The opening band was Street Sweeper Social Club, an interesting mix of some sick rock and rap. The tracks on the NIN/JA sampler were a good introduction, but seeing them live made me very interested in their upcoming CD. They remind me a lot of Rage (see the guitarist), but have a great new sound.

I thought their "banner" was pretty bad ass, I like the machine gun boom box, could make an interesting game weapon.

Lead singer, Boots Riley from The Coup, busts out some moves while performing. He was good onstage, and keep the crowd in it.

Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine fame is the guitarist. He performed the craziest solo I've seen live. He played with one hand, with his mouth, and then pulled the amp plug from his guitar and scratched music on his hand!

The Street Sweeper warm-up was fun, but the real show was just about to come on stage.

Trent was dressed pretty casually as usual, with patches on his left and right side with the "Wave Goodbye" logo.

Trent playing guitar for one section of the set. All the band members were constantly switching instruments to match whatever was required for the songs.

Trent rocking it out on the keyboard. It was almost like listening to the album, and he recreates 95% of all the sounds live on stage, there are very few non-live background tracks played. Eat it you lip-syncing pop bitches, that's a real artist!

Trent really gets into his music, it's quite an experience to see him perform.

Just another keyboard shot from later, he was rocking out The Hand That Feeds here. Love the picture, and the back lighting rocks!

My second favorite shot of the night, Trent's really blasting the vocals here.

A shot of the full stage. The stage was simple, except for the massive amount of lights, this show was all about the music.

My favorite picture from the concert. He was performing Head Like a Hole, and it was probably one of the best songs of the night. He playing songs from almost every album, even playing a few he hasn't played in years live.

It seemed to end way too fast, and then Trent was thanking us for supporting him all this time and was gone. It was one of the best performances I have ever seen, and I can only sit in awe of the performance and applaud Trent.

Following NIN was Jane's Addiction and none of us were really fans. We stayed for a few songs, and they still rocked. After watching NIN, we didn't feel like staying around, but for any JA fans out there, here are a few photos.

And as a final couple of images, here is a shirt that will make NIN fans very sad, and a "Wave Goodbye" hat.

"Wave Goodbye 1989-2009"

Goodbye Nine Inch Nails, we can only hope you return! Keep rocking Trent!

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