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Nyteshade avatar 2:36 PM on 03.09.2008  (server time)
How to identify your Wii's drive! Help everyone see if SSBB will work before buying!

Since I just went though the deep emotional pain of buying Super Smash Bros Brawl and having my Wii error out reading it, I thought I'd do some matlockery and see if I could pinpoint the serial numbers that seems to be having problems.

My friend stood in the same line as me when we waited for lauch Wiis and bought them right after each other. Now his Wii is playing SSBB without a problem, and mine won't even see the disc. Since we all know "dust" isn't causing this problem, and that SSBB is on a dual-layer disc, it must be hardware.

I found a nice site called WiiTracker which allows you to find out the most likely hardware setup your Wii has, by your serial number.

I've only had 3 systems to test so far, but using this site, we should be able to build a list from those of us that have Wiis.

The first three characters in your serial identify the major revisions:

LU1 = First production run, no longer produced
LU3 = Second run, no longer produced, still may be on shelves
LU5 = Most recent model, in production and on shelves

According to what I've read, all LU3 and LU5 models will have no problems running SSBB, the problem is related to LU1's only.

UPDATE: Now we have a non-reading LU3 too!

Here are the three serials I've tested so far and their results (not putting up the full serials just in case):

Serial Number----------Drive chip-------SSBB Status:


LU10231****--------GC2-DMS-------Not reading SSBB
LU10222****--------GC2-DMS-------Not reading SSBB
LU10123****--------GC2-D2B--------Reading SSBB
LU10236****--------GC2-D2B--------Reading SSBB


LU30373****--------GC2-DMS--------Reading SSBB
LU30633****--------GC2-DMS--------Not reading

If you own a Wii + SSBB and want to help out, just visit WiiTracker, enter your serial number (bottom/side of Wii), then just post the drive chip and if SSBB runs or errors.
I'm not positive the drive chip is tied into this problem, but if nothing else it's an easy way to identify the different hardware revisions.

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