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Nyteshade avatar 10:47 AM on 04.01.2009  (server time)
April Fools in the Office

So I decided that this year I would pull a April Fool's Day prank on my boss. Pranks in my workplace need to be a bit subdued, because I work in the Information Systems department at a hospital. My co-worker and I went though countless pranks we could pull using our control over the hospital network, from faking a ConFlicker outbreak, to BSODing the entire hospital and letting our boss freak out.

Of course, bringing down the entire hospital to prank our boss seemed like a bit much, so I looked for other options. Thankfully, my boss decided that he would leave work early, which was a rarity. This granted me ample access to his office to pull a prank.

My boss' office... What to do?

I wandered our office looking around for something to use in a prank, and that was when I noticed our stacks of monitor boxes we had never opened.

Lots of unopened monitors...

Our hospital has over 800 PCs in use, and we are constantly rotating old machines for new ones we order. Since even the old PCs have LCD monitors, we usually end up with a little surplus.

Even more unopened monitor boxes...

It was then I had a brilliant idea, I grabbed one of our carts that we move computers on and began to ferry the monitors into my boss' office. Thirty minutes later and I had moved every box into his office. I pulled his chair out from behind his desk and started to stack. Twenty-five computer monitor boxes later and you have this...

It's almost like a throne... but sit on it and crush a couple grand worth of monitors...

Had to add insult to injury...

I waited for him in the morning so I could get a surprise picture. Where I stacked the boxes, he couldn't see them until he actually entered his office. When he came in he immediately left to go to a morning meeting, without even turning his office lights on. By the time he got back from the meeting he was in the full swing of the day... until he went to answer a call in his office.

He said "Your fired!!!" but it was a joke.... I hope...

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