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Nyteshade's blog

7:39 PM on 05.11.2009

Nine Inch Nails Rocking Tampa: A Photoblog

Let me start by saying that if the NIN/JA tour is coming anywhere near you (check here to find out), buy tickets right now! Click here to download a free six track sampler of the NIN/JA music. Two tracks from each of the per...   read

10:47 AM on 04.01.2009

April Fools in the Office

So I decided that this year I would pull a April Fool's Day prank on my boss. Pranks in my workplace need to be a bit subdued, because I work in the Information Systems department at a hospital. My co-worker and I went though...   read

4:35 PM on 08.09.2008

Woooo! Just got the Warhammer Beta 3 Invite!

WOOOHOOO WARHAMMER! Well... it looks like the NDA is still is effect so it's not the open beta yet... The only "disclosures" allowed are that: 1) The fact that there is a Warhammer Online Beta Test currently underway. 2)...   read

11:06 PM on 08.01.2008

I'm Very Disappointed in D-toid...

COMMUNITY RESPONSE Let me start of by saying while I don't think Luc's conduct in the comments of the Eternity's Child review was acceptable, I was very disappointed by the way the D-toid members acted in response. Let us al...   read

2:36 PM on 03.09.2008

How to identify your Wii's drive! Help everyone see if SSBB will work before buying!

Since I just went though the deep emotional pain of buying Super Smash Bros Brawl and having my Wii error out reading it, I thought I'd do some matlockery and see if I could pinpoint the serial numbers that seems to be havi...   read

1:31 PM on 03.09.2008


This morning Wii owners everywhere felt a stab of fear when Workmeng posted how some early shipment Wii's error out reading SSBB. Well, that small fear turned into a a major problem, because I just went out a bought SSBB this...   read

3:04 PM on 02.15.2008

GeForce 8 GPUs will gain PhysX processing, world domination soon to follow!

We all knew when Nvidia announced their plans to buy Ageia that we would see on-board physics processing video cards very soon, but I don't think anyone but Nvidia employees expected it would come this soon. Answering repor...   read

3:16 PM on 01.05.2008

Can There Ever Be A Winner?!

So, most of you have probably already read Sterling's post on how the PS3 could be uber, as I did just a little while ago. It's a great post, and along with the news of Warner Bros going BR exclusive, and the HD-DVD camp bail...   read

9:09 PM on 12.30.2007

Mr. Destructoid Goes 3D! Take A Look!

So, I recently “got a copy” of Maya Ultimate 2008 and decided to start screwing around with it. My first non-tutorial scene just happens to be the best mascot EVER! I couldn't decided off the bat what I wanted to experiment w...   read

1:24 PM on 12.24.2007

On Steam Now: An Amazing [Insert Belief's Holiday Here] Gift From Valve

Not sure if this was already posted or in a blog somewhere, but I just logged into Steam this morning and saw a wonderful early gift from Valve. If you don't have Steam installed, and you have a working PC, you should go here...   read

7:19 PM on 11.21.2007

Crysis: Could This Be The Most Over-Hyped Game Yet?!?!

Let me start out by saying I was a HUGE fan of FarCry, and to this day hold it as one of my top FPSes. I admired the open environment, and how many ways you could accomplish your objectives. Above all else, the game was beaut...   read

6:12 AM on 10.09.2007

The First (?) TF2 Machinima... And It's Really GOOD! (Ignus Solus)

So I scrolled through the clogs and didn't see a post about this, but I worked all night so no bitching if this is a repost. I was trolling my usual sites and came across this AMAZING TF2 machinima. It's called Ignus Solus, ...   read

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