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Nyktharas avatar 8:39 PM on 11.29.2010  (server time)
Gran Turismo 5 McLaren / Nascar contest

So you play Gran Turismo 5 and didn't pre-order with gamestop, but liked the look of the McLaren F-1 Stealth Model and the 2010 Joey Logano #20 GameStop Camry?

Well your in luck, I have an extra code that will net you both of them. As anyone who plays GT5 with me will let you know I'm always gifting cars to people on my PSN who play GT with me, but these are rare, can't get anywhere else pre-order exclusives.

Now I could be a prick and sell them for money on Ebay, but I figured what the hell, I'm sure someone here would make great use of these cars.

Now to the contest part of it, all you gotta do is tell me why you think I should give you the code, pretty simple. Just to make sure it's completely unbias, and that no one hates me afterwards (LOL) I'll be letting my girlfriend choose the winner. So get to telling me why you want The McLaren, and the GameStop Camry Nascar.

These codes are only good in North America, or with a North American PSN account. I will choose a winner by Wednesday morning and will message the code to their inbox here on Dtoid.

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