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NyghtcrawleR avatar 4:19 AM on 03.30.2008
Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Not my Turning Point Rig at all

Last time I checked, the specs below for my computer do not equal Turning Point status.

1 GB Ram
2.66 GHz Single Core
Pentium 4

Well, with only a week left for the contest I figured I would enter and test my chances once again. To really start this off I will go back to the Velocity Micro contest. During that period my computer decided to cause me a ton of problems, hence my Fury Edition for the contest: Link

Thus, it concluded with the destruction of my screen. I have since fixed this as I realized I have no money to buy a nice new computer, which is a shame. Plus I found a replacement screen on eBay and it only cost me $100 so it wasn't too bad. Below is a shot of the old screen next to my "not my Turning Point rig."

As you can see, my fury took a toll on the last screen.

With all that being said and my chances of winning the rig being slim, one can only hope. So here's to my two minute photoshopping skills.

Wouldn't this be a pretty site to see? I think so anyway.

I'll tell you one thing though. If I won I might be able to actually play UT3 and run 3ds Max. Man, that would be nice. Maybe then, I would also have to actually buy a desk as my kitchen table would no longer suffice.

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