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NyghtcrawleR avatar 10:00 PM on 02.26.2008  (server time)
MGS4 PS3 Bundle Confirmed


So people doubted it, said it wouldnt happen. Well guess what it did. Sony will be repackaging their 80gb SKU with MGS4 and releasing it. Not only will it come with MGS4, but it will also come with a DS3. Not enough you say? Only $500 for this pretty package.

I know I bought a ps3 back in February of last year and don't regret a minute of it, but damn this makes me want to buy another. At a great price and with a great game and the new Dualshock, I couldn't ask for more.

People were wondering what was happening to all of Sony's 80gb PS3's when they started pulling them from stores. Well I guess now everybody knows and I have to say this is a brilliant marketing move. Nobody thought they would package a high profile game in with the ps3 right off the bat, but they are doing it. If the ps3 wasnt already seeing a boost in sales, this is sure to be a hit. This will definitely turn the heads of adopters who've held out and maybe even turn the heads of those who have already.

The thing looks so sexy, how could you not want it?

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