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NyghtcrawleR avatar 11:05 AM on 02.28.2008  (server time)
Killzone Dev says STFU to Troll

So browsing on the Killzone forum on the Playstation forum, we come across this interesting little thing. Sure we know there are trolls and fanboys all over the place, but one dev has had enough.

A user by the name of CowboyJunkie came into the "Ask the Dev" thread for Killzone and stated:

"Well...I think Killzone lost the battle for best PS3 upcoming game. "Eight Days" won!

And it's funny to say that there's no HYPE over Killzone 2. Since the FALSE E3 2005 trailer, there's a hype...and now, when everybody knows Killzone 2 WON'T get the level of E3 2005 trailer, so the devs say "THERE'S NO HYPE OVER KILLZONE 2, KILLZONE 2 WILL BE A GOOD GAME , AS MANY OTHERS". It's more comfortable to think like that and that is a way to answer the "failure" of the final product, (in comparison with E3 trailer, about being the defitinive game pf PS3).


Well this shameless comment would not be had or go unnoticed would it? Of course not. Eon, one of the Killzone devs was more than annoyed by comments like this and finally decided to submit his rebuttal. I won't quote the whole thing as its way to long, but here's part of it.

"Honestly. I've started writing this reply three times, switching from angry flaming of the kind of mentality that draws people to wasting their lives making posts like the above, through into a factual listing of the many inaccuracies in your post (almost every word is, in fact, objectively incorrect). I've no idea what makes gamers turn so frigging nasty when Devs don't cater to their every whim and I'm not going to start guessing now - if you want to go be excited about Eight Days then be my guest. You're not commiting apostacy, nobody's going to want to tear you to pieces for it. You're really not going to hurt my feelings."

He also goes on to state some info about that infamous E3 2005 trailer:

"One confused Sony rep claimed it was a movie from the game engine.....One guy not at all affiliated with Guerrilla Games"

You can read the entirety here : Devs response

I personally do think that, as a whole, fanboyism and trolling/flaming on the web has gotten out of control. It is a sad state that we are in and one not so easily remedied. The response Eon gave though, at least made me chuckle a bit and shows that devs do listen and put up with all this b.s. just like the rest of us. I'm glad that this dev decided to step in and call CowboyJunkie out. It isn't so much a rebuttal to one guy and his unintelligent comments, but it goes out to all those trollers who can find nothing else better to do with their time than to bash another game they haven't even played yet. Kind of reminds me of the stat that the Socom Confrontation forums are in right now......but don't get me started on that.

Flaming/trolling/fanboyism are all part of an epidemic. Maybe its one that we cannot smite so easily and most likely never will and maybe even this incident doesn't really show it completely, but its just one more instance in this growing nuisance. I'm just glad the Kilzone Dev came in and basically owned him.

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