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NyghtcrawleR avatar 5:57 PM on 02.27.2008  (server time)
HOME & Warhawk's Sweet Integration (+ More)

So today has revealed a bit of info on a few games regarding their integration into HOME.

First up, Resistance. Home visitors of Resistance will be able to join an interesting room that lets the user explore and lets game owners visit unseen areas of the game. They will also be able to view bonus content in the form of intrecepted radio transmissions that will show us more of the Resistance series' story. There is also a few other features that have not been discussed that much as of yet.

Next, Uncharted. Your Home avatars will be able to explore the game's levels without having to duck and cover for fear of enemies (Resistance will allow this too). One of the coolest features in my opinion is that it will come with a side-scrolling 2D arcade game that you can play....sweet.

Now for me the last info given is about one of the best PS3 games so far in my opinion, Warhawk. The Home lobby will serve as a "war room" where up to eight players can meet and discuss strategy for an upcoming match. This in itself is nothing special, but there will actually be a table with maps of the Warhawk levels where players can put little army men around the map and plan their strategies (think Risk).

People thought Home would be nothing more that a Second Life look-a-like. I disagree. The integration that seems to be going into Home is truly first class, a very immersive experience indeed. If anyone wanted a community experience, this is it. Maybe Live has some competition after all. +1 Sony

Sources: Kotaku

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