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Numitorem avatar 6:58 PM on 09.13.2013  (server time)
Thoughts on the end of the Destructoid Show

The final episode of the Destructoid show just wrapped with the brilliant insanity and madcap energy it always brought to its twisted take on video game news.  This little YouTube show, an extension of a community oriented gaming site, covered gaming news during its several-year run.  Filtered through the lens of various hosts and guest-hosts, the show provided news and commentary.  Tara Long was its most consistent on-air personality.  A rotating cast including Jonathan Holmes, Max Scoville, Anthony Carboni and Adam Sessler all hosted at various times during the show's run. A criminally under-appreciated staff kept the show running several times per week, including a regular Friday live-show.
Today's final episode was full of nostalgia for the show, a sweet but sad reminder of the good times past.  It was never surprising to me that Rev3 managed to capture Adam Sessler after the debacle at the network Which Shall Not Be Named.  The frenetic wackiness of X-Play during its best times reminds of what the Destructoid show achieved when firing on all cylinders.  Goofy costumes, bizarre tangents, demented takes on the absurdity of the gaming industry; The show had it all.  
Perhaps it's evident that I will miss the show.  It had a sweet little chemistry that improved my week.  I was informed and entertained in a way I seldom experience.  While I'm sure the good folks of the show will move on to bigger and better things, I will always have a little place in my fond memories cage for the show.

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