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NumberX's blog

5:47 AM on 08.16.2009

Best birthday party ever?

Hell yes! A bunch of friends and I went into Portland to drink in celebration of my 21st birthday. At the beginning of the night I got a luchador mask (it's green and red and awesome). My friends (LostChrichton was there!) proceeded to get me more then a little drunk, we went to a couple bars and smoked a few cigars, but the real fun didn't start till after we went separate ways to go with our DDs to go home. On the way to LostChrichton's car, I got frenched by a stranger in front of her boyfriend/husband, I got into a wrestling match with some random asian, and got a hug from another good looking chick in the parking lot, whooped for a taco stand, and got a big box of mike 'n ikes at a 7-11. Also, my DNA is in space, just thought I should mention that.

You can see the mask on my twitter   read

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