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Born in Queens, 20. Writer for PlayStationPower and host of Play-Sation podcast with friends
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Greetings Dtoid users! I'm Steven Santana and this is a podcast I made with my best friend Matt in October of 2013 since I love podcasts. Since then he's moved off to Yosemite to seek enlightenment, but mostly money, booze and weed. So now I just grab whatever friends I can find and talk about dumb stuff and have a good time. This episode has Trevor Thompson, the only other friend with a big passion for games in general. Elise who binges movies and tv shows and Monica, podcasting for the first time, who is an art major. Also I recently celebrated my 21st birthday so now we can all drink, which helps majorly with having funny conversations. Enjoy!

This week is probably the best episode we have done as we talk about jumping on a new bed, explain the origin of a rumjob, Steven's 21st birthday party and other drinking stories, Trevor's recent funtime trip to Arizona, Steven is a child, Dashcon, dispute Boulder City's relative location, Uncharted being turned into a movie by a crappy comedy director, Trevor is Ryan Scott, nobody knows who that is, Mario has a british accent now, we're offensive and attempt to end the podcast with a story.

You can find the podcast HERE

Watch_Dogs' success can be found in how it takes a ton of gameplay elements straight out of other Ubisoft franchises and just adapts it for its version of Chicago. Watch as I count the number of mechanics Ubisoft transplanted from its other successful games, mostly Assassin's Creed and Far Cry.

There's really not much coming out in July, at least nothing new and exciting. You have some ports and rereleases and... yeah that's about it. So take this time to get through your backlog and (re)watch Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance.

We all are fresh from seeing Godzilla so we all spoil the heck out of it followed by some rambling from Steven about video game news stuff and what we've been playing and in the midst of all that we have a good time telling dumb jokes like Aristotle utilizing CGI and Deaf Leopard.

Click HERE to listen, or click the picture either way works