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NukaCola avatar 4:52 PM on 08.02.2012  (server time)
VGdrum: Shadowrun "The Cage"

Pixelitis Link


Just a note: There may be audio/video sync issues if you up the Youtube video's resolution to 720p/1080p. Not sure why that's happening but I apologize in advance.

Hey there fellow Dtoiders/chummers! I'm back with another VGdrum video (still haven't forgotten about the multitude of requests I still have to tackle, but I just want to do a few more of my own covers!). This latest one is Shadowrun.

Shadowrun for the SNES was so awesome, I remember reading about it in a walkthrough published in an old Nintendo Power mag and I was just dying to play it. When I finally got to rent it at a video store when I was 9 years old (I got realllly late into some SNES games), I was floored by its cyberpunk atmosphere and grittiness. You didn't always get that in an SNES game!

It also had some incredibly catchy tunes (with some of them carrying that signature SNES bass guitar sound), including this one, which plays in the different clubs you can go to. It's a simple beat, but I decided to add some extra flavor the second time around. Hope you enjoy it! I also hope the little "skit" I threw in there isn't too corny for your tastes. I had fun filming it, so I guess that's what matters. I knew my official Adam Jensen coat I bought last year would come in handy!

I did this not only as a tribute to the game and its music, but in a way to thank Harebrained Schemes for its "Shadowrun Returns" project. It's about time Shadowrun gets the treatment it deserves!

Now for the good ol' copy-pasta/credits stuff:

Engineered, mixed, mastered & co-produced by Phil Silvestro.

"The Cage" and all of Shadowrun's music was composed by Marshall Parker.

Shadowrun was developed by Beam Software and published by the now-defunct Data East for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The original PnP game was created by FASA Corporation.

Remember to rate the video and subscribe. Please check out . It's a videogame features/news blog that my friends and I are currently working on. And follow me on Twitter @PatrickKul and on Facebook @VGdrum.

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