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NukaCola avatar 9:06 AM on 12.01.2012  (server time)
VGdrum: Mega Man X3 "Opening Stage"

Nothing more pleasant-sounding than that X-Buster charging sequence! Enjoy the video, I know it's been a while.

I decided I'd give the drums a bit of my own spin with this track. For the most part the original drum track is composed of just those quick rolls on the hi-hat and some snare and crash hits.

I met composer Kinuyo Yamashita at a meet-and-greet after a Video Games Live in Red Bank, NJ. She is AWESOME! I recall asking her if she was big into hard rock or heavy metal given the soundtrack's rockin' edge, but she surprisingly said "no." >_>

I remember the first time playing MMX3 and being captivated by the intro stage music. It's so energetic, so dramatic. SO ROCKIN'!

I was an SNES kid through and through, and while I do prefer its soundchip to the Genesis', there's a fan remix of "Opening Stage" done Genesis/Megadrive-style that blew me away. It has so much punch to it that I think it may very well be better than the original.

I have a handful of more videogame tracks I'd love to record, but it may take a while. Once I'm finished with those, I'll go back to all those requests that have sitting in my inbox for a few years. Sorry about that, busy schedules and all :/

See a bunch of you at MAGfest 11 hopefully!

Engineered, mixed, mastered & co-produced by Phil Silvestro.

"Opening Stage" and all of Mega Man X3's music was composed by Kinuyo Yamashita.

Mega Man X3 (Rockman X3 in Japan) was developed and published by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom.

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