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Novakaine avatar 11:45 PM on 05.19.2010  (server time)
What Novakaine's Been Up To (WNBUT): Forget FF 13

Ironically, Jim Sterling (who usually earns my ire) basically summed up my feelings about Final Fantasy XIII in his review, so I think I'm done trying to put up with the game after having only gotten about six or seven chapters in. (I disagree with Jim about the music, though.)

So, now that I'm free from that... thing, I think I'm gonna go back to Final Fantasy 12 and God Hand. If I had spare money, I'd probably buy 3D Dot Game Heroes, but I'm getting low on funds... and I need to save up for Dragon Quest 9, Other M, and the inevitable Etrian Odyssey 3.

Pretty close to platinum'ing Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which would be my first platinum. Just gotta get the Rank 22 trophy and the "private match" ones like use an engineer tool for a headshot, roadkill an enemy with a chopper, etc.

Also, as I mentioned on the forums, I finally bought Shatter on PSN, and I am ashamed it took me so long to bask in its glory. Best Arkanoid game ever, and its crazy shmup/brick-breaker gameplay and house music soundtrack are fucking glorious.

I seem to have gotten away from doing editorial-style blog posts, so maybe I'll be doing more frequent... "bloggy" posts under the header "WNBUT." We'll see. What have you been up to, dear reader? =)

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