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Novakaine avatar 7:02 PM on 02.28.2010  (server time)
PSN is Dead

As I posted on the forum...

"So it would seem that there's a huge problem with PlayStation Network. I was playing Heavy Rain about twenty minutes ago, and my game froze and crashed. "Oh well," I figure, "I have an old PS3, I'll just let it cool down and try again."

Tried it again, and I notice that I can't sign into PSN. Restart the router; still can't get in. "Oh well," I figure, "I don't need PSN to play Heavy Rain."

I boot up Heavy Rain, and get an XMB message saying trophy information cannot be downloaded, and that "the game will now quit," before being taken back to the main XMB screen.

On one hand I'm relieved that I'm not alone in experiencing this, but on the other hand it's pretty alarming that an error in PSN like this can effectively brick our system...."

Apparently this is disabling not just PS3 games like Heavy Rain, but I'm reading reports that PSN Games and even PS1 and PS2 games can't be played right now.

HOWEVER, what alarms me most is that right now I'm reading that Slim PS3s are not affected, and complaints are coming from Fat model owners. Perhaps Sony just made a server update without testing how it would affect old models?

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