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Novakaine avatar 10:09 AM on 09.23.2009  (server time)
New No More Heroes 2 teaser with mai waifu

For those who are on utter media blackout of this game (all one of you) and have no idea what's going on, I was vague with the blog title. Now...

As part of 1up's great week-long coverage of No More Heroes 2, they released a new short teaser last night, with its focus on none other than Shinobu, in all her jiggly-boobed glory. The trailer shows a few seconds of cinematic sections, and a good glimpse of how she plays in the game. She seems to fight in a very fluid style, tumbling out of enemies' range like a gymnast.

I think it's quite interesting to see and speculate at the development of Shinobu, as early scripts of the original No More Heroes had Travis fighting her a second time, in place of Holly Summers--Holly's battle theme, Samurai Summer, was actually intended for Shinobu, and this may lead credibility to the theory of a rematch. As those who have played the first game know, Holly Summers is an important character because she is the first time we actually see Travis regret killing (he did not wish to kill Shinobu earlier, as well). I think it's very possible that Suda intended Shinobu to be a poignant martyr for the game, but became so attached to her character that he couldn't help but not kill her off, and make her a key character for the franchise.

Oh, also fapfapfap.

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