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Novakaine avatar 10:57 AM on 01.13.2010  (server time)
New NHM Paradise teaser (plus: I want an OVA)

True to No More Heroes fashion, the teaser is a whopping 16 seconds in length. Oh well, any NMH is good NMH. At least artist Yusuke Kozaki is getting more work, since he was commissioned to draw more character portraits.

Speaking of Kozaki, I perhaps more than ever yearn for a No More Heroes OVA. Kozaki never really got a shot at anime other than Speed Grapher, and his very distinct style combined with his anime background seems to scream for a cross-media collaboration. They could have tons of options, for they could choose source material from the games or go in a completely different direction, such as side-stories or backstories of characters.

I literally get shivers at the thought of a NMH OVA using this song as the opening credits theme. It's perfect.

A boy has the right to dream.

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