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While bad voice acting rightfully gets the living tar kicked out of it, I must admit that I am very appreciative of bad voice acting for the limitless laughs it provides us. My PSN friends and I dick around while playing deathmatch by pulling out numerous one-liners to help the emotional flow of the game; and while movies provide great, cheesy lines, we definitely would have much less ammo.

To help pass the time here under the starry skies of central Texas, I present to you two particularly enjoyable videos for me. The first comes from a classic venture in bad voice acting, Mega Man 8. To this day, fans are baffled at the choice of voice for Dr. Light, but I couldn't imagine a life without it. (If you pay attention to 0:22, you'll notice that the actor actually screws up his line, but the voices director didn't care enough to make them re-do the scene!)

The second video comes from a recent masterpiece, Heavy Rain. True to Quanticdream's style, the game's fantastic engine/platform and interactive cinema is ruined by David Cage's lackluster writing and voice casting. This video in general is a tongue-in-cheek jab at Heavy Rain, and you'll see some other funny bits interposed in it.

Love it? I know I sure do. ^_^

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