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Notyavgkat's blog

4:05 PM on 01.12.2009

I had no clue Crackdown was this good!!??

I know it's a kinda old game and all....but I came across it at gamestop, and they were selling it used for 12.99, I had heard of it, so I decided to go ahead and get it, and NBA Live 07 for 5.99 used, not bad deals at all. I not gonna make a long post, but Crackdown actually took me by surprise. It's just an all around great game. It had that sandbox do what u want, how u want type play, and it's got me hooked for the time being. Well I just wanted 2 put that out there. Happy Late New Year D-Toiders!!!!   read

5:52 PM on 06.22.2008

Bought a 360!!

Just wanted to let it be known 2 whoever gives a fluck. I recently went out and purchased a 360!!! The main reason GTA 4..which I got when I bought the 360 along with the 40 dolla Bioshock. This was about 3 weeks ago, I have since then bought Gears of War, and MOH Airborne which I probably play the most. Mainly because I work all the time, and I only have time to play short periods of time. But I plan on layin into GTA this week as I have 2 days off.   read

7:45 AM on 04.16.2008

No more heroes

I bought No More Heroes last week, thru Amazon...which had it for 33.99, so I had to jump on it. And of course I've been playing it, and I found it to be one of the better games on the Wii. I guess what i'm getting at is, I would like some of my fellow D-toider's opinion on this game. Travis Touchdown sends his condolences:)~   read

10:58 PM on 04.14.2008

Destructoid is.....

By FAR the best gaming site i've EVEr come across. Not trying to ride any nutz but seriously...u guys have a top notch site. There is so many nooks and crannys you can end up on here, it's gonna take a while to get used to the layout. That's what makes D toid so damn cool. lol.......peace   read

10:28 PM on 04.14.2008

First Post

What up gamers and gamettes.....just chillin here...thought I'd say wassup. I figure I'll start posting on here with all of my gaming exploits. I work full time so I really don't have alot of time 2 play, but when I do , I will. I
I currently own a Wii, and a Dreamcast. I plan on getting either an Xbox 360, or a PS3. I'm not sure which one I should get yet. I'm currently working at @#$ %^&*, so that's cool. cause I get a discount on anything in the store.
I have two kids, so I mainly on the weekends, when I have them. I let them enjoy the Wii. My son is awesome on the Wii. He got 62 stars on Galaxy, and I've yet to get 25. He knows how to play video games that's for sure.
I've been gaming since I was lil. I used to play videogames like real heavily back in the day. That was all I did. I can't remember the last time I beat a game. But that's been a pet peave. I really wanna start getting into gaming like where I beat every game I have.
Its like I buy a it for a few days, and then I play it maybe once a week. I gotta start beating all these games I have.
Well feel free to add me as a friend, as I am gonna try to devote alot of time to gaming from here on out, as I will post on here frequently....(i think)....peace   read

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