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Bought a 360!!

Just wanted to let it be known 2 whoever gives a fluck. I recently went out and purchased a 360!!! The main reason GTA 4..which I got when I bought the 360 along with the 40 dolla Bioshock. This was about 3 weeks ago, I h...


No more heroes

I bought No More Heroes last week, thru Amazon...which had it for 33.99, so I had to jump on it. And of course I've been playing it, and I found it to be one of the better games on the Wii. I guess what i'm getting at is, I would like some of my fellow D-toider's opinion on this game. Travis Touchdown sends his condolences:)~


Destructoid is.....

By FAR the best gaming site i've EVEr come across. Not trying to ride any nutz but seriously...u guys have a top notch site. There is so many nooks and crannys you can end up on here, it's gonna take a while to get used to the layout. That's what makes D toid so damn cool. lol.......peace


First Post

What up gamers and gamettes.....just chillin here...thought I'd say wassup. I figure I'll start posting on here with all of my gaming exploits. I work full time so I really don't have alot of time 2 play, but when I do , I ...


About Notyavgkatone of us since 8:50 AM on 02.21.2007

I've played video games forever pretty much owned every console known, but I currently only own a Wii, DS Lite,Dreamcast and now a brand spankin new 360. All the others have either broken or some other violent fate took them. N e ways, I really like this site, I find everybodys witty comments rather funny, so keep em coming.....later

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