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Nocturnal XVIII's blog

6:36 AM on 09.27.2007

Photohunting in Halo 3 (Some Spoilers)

Damn, I wish every game had a function like Halo's surprisingly cool Theatre option.
To hell with playing the game, I spent hours tinkering in the theatre and looking for some cool shots.

Anyway, here are a few choice ones out of heaps that I took. They are mostly from the campaign.

A Marine having a particularly bad day.

Escaping from an exploding scarab tank

A Brute and his rocket launcher try to stop me from landing

Banshees attack some Pelicans

Attacking a scarab tank in co-op

Racing Mongooses in multiplayer

Alien death rays

Taking out a banshee

Taking out another banshee

I kinda like the scarab tanks

Some vehicles that don't fly

Another explosion

The last scarab, I swear

Master Chief's Chopper

5:25 AM on 09.18.2007

Get Halo 3 for only 60 Kangaroo Dollars!

(Sorry my foreign chums, but this is an Australian only thing as far as I know. But to give you an idea of the exchange rate, we are paying $100AU for the standard Halo 3, which equates to about $83US.)

If you're in Australia then you've probably been near an EBgames at one point or another recently, if so you've probably seen that they currently have a deal were you can do a straight trade of ANY three 360 games for Halo 3. You can also do the trade and then pay off the rest for the Collector's Edition.

Normally EBgames trade deals are nothing short of atrocious, but this one is actually kind of sweet. Best of all, you don't actually need to already have games you want to trade to save some dough.

All you need to do is take a trip down to your Cash Converters (I've found them to be great lately for cheap games) and pick up some really crappy launch titles like Kameo for $20. Then you can trade them in. I already had PGR3 and DOA4 from when I bought my 360, but when I went to trade them in the best offer I got was $12 so I just hung onto them. However, through this deal their value is $34. So they've damn near tripled in value!

Anyway, I've rambled on too long. The really interesting bit here is that EB has a deal that isn't the equivelant of being kicked firmly in the nutsack.
So if you were thinking of getting Halo 3, this was a pretty good way to save $40.

(Also a big thanks to Hamza for fixing my name. Your hugs are in the mail)   read

7:12 AM on 08.02.2007

Nicole Richie's Baby = Much Terror (Also hello.)

I've finally gotten off my ass and I'm going to be using the blogs as a way to improve my writing skills. I don't know how much will work it's way onto the community blogs here but I'll be trying to post alot on my myspace blog if you wan't to check it out. Anyway, without any further trying to get more friends on myspace, i'll let you get onto the crazy.
EDIT: Apparently BB/Code doesn't work at the start of a post, or something.


Now, I'm not really sure why I know this. But much like every other bit of tabloid celebrity "news", it manages to permeate it's way through all of the porn and games news the internet has to offer and find it's way into the squishy depths of my mind.

Normally this isn't a problem, I'd just forget about it and keep reading about Viva Piñata finding it's way on to the DS (Yay!). But this bit of news crept in and stayed in my mind like a parasite enjoying the sweet, sweet taste of the piñata candy that is my mind.

I just couldn't stop picturing a pregnant Nicole Richie though. No matter how many times I hit myself over the head with the keyboard....
I kept thinking to myself, "Doesn't she only weigh like, 3 pounds? Where is she going to grow a baby?". Just then a picture popped into my mind. A foetus, twisted and crazy from all the drugs, growing inside of the rake thin "celebrity" until he has no room anymore and is sqaushed up against the side of her uterus until her stomach resembles that poster from "The Frighteners".

But no, he doesn't stop there. Unable to stop growing, and with it's mind disturbed it bursts out of her stomach like it's 1979 and it's in a certain famous Sci-Fi movie. He then runs off and gets his own reality show on Fox in which he plays practical jokes on retired celebrities. He then has a whirlwind romance with Paris Hilton (who is attracted to the phallic shape of his head), marries her, and fathers a new race of creature that are so stupid that they can only survive for 3 seconds before their heart forgets to beat and they explode.

He is finally killed in a bizzare murder suicide that will baffle police for years to come. Ending this horrific nightmare so I can finally go back to dreaming about smashing a bunch of virtual piñata's while on the bus.

{NOTE: Ok, so maybe I could have picked a better topic to start my blog with, but It's been a long day of Final Fantasy. Anyway tommorow will be another (hopefully more inspiring) day.}   read

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