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Nocturnal XVIII's blog

6:36 AM on 09.27.2007

Photohunting in Halo 3 (Some Spoilers)

Damn, I wish every game had a function like Halo's surprisingly cool Theatre option. To hell with playing the game, I spent hours tinkering in the theatre and looking for some cool shots. Anyway, here are a few choice ones...   read

5:25 AM on 09.18.2007

Get Halo 3 for only 60 Kangaroo Dollars!

(Sorry my foreign chums, but this is an Australian only thing as far as I know. But to give you an idea of the exchange rate, we are paying $100AU for the standard Halo 3, which equates to about $83US.) If you're in Austra...   read

7:12 AM on 08.02.2007

Nicole Richie's Baby = Much Terror (Also hello.)

I've finally gotten off my ass and I'm going to be using the blogs as a way to improve my writing skills. I don't know how much will work it's way onto the community blogs here but I'll be trying to post alot on my myspace b...   read

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