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Noah's blog

9:32 PM on 02.25.2009

Tekken 6 Arcade TV Tournament airs in S. Korea

Sometime in the past few weeks they've begun airing Tekken 6 tournaments on MBC Game, one of Korea's largest video game channels. Taking a break from it's usual Starcraft marathon, MCB Game has been showing Tekken 6 Crash battles more than anything else the last several days. Small teams of 4 face off against each other 1v1 at a time (obviously) I can't find any information about prizes in English, but I'm guessing everyone competing at least gets to hold onto the cool Tekken 6 jackets they all are wearing....and a photo with the booth babe looking models to show off to their geeky friends at their local PC Room.

I have not seen Tekken 6 in any arcades around where I live, though I live outside of Seoul. My wife who's Korean tells me that Tekken is the most popular fighter in Korea (Likely because of Korean characters like Hwoarang), which explains why SFIV isn't getting any air time on TV. I personally can't get into the silly looking characters in Tekken. Regardless, every time I play SFIV on XBL some Korean mops the floor with me.

[embed]122888:17776[/embed]   read

1:57 AM on 02.13.2009

Street Fighter IV Impressions by a guy that doesn't play fighters ---One hour in

I just picked up SFIV today. I'm currently in Korea, and the Korean release date was 2/12 but it didn't come out until today the 13th, thought maybe Seoul had it but i'm in a smaller city.

First I need to say that I'm not into fighters so much, mainly because I suck at them. This is one of the reasons I got SFIV, because I read about some tutorial mode that they said would help any n00b compete on XBL. Also I wanted a game my wife would play with me, and she likes fighters. (though she's a tekken girl)

After poping the disc in, you're greated by a long opening moviie, with the weird cartoony looking styled opening we've seen in the trailers....only now it has a TERRIBLE new theme song that I'm sure is done buy a Japanese dude but sounds Kpop...which i thnink is the guy sings in English, so it's even more horrible. many gamers might like the style, but I don't....halfway through it changes to the more electronic heavy metal style that I'm used to hearing in video games...but sadly the pop song is the main theme,and plays in the background of the main menue again.

The graphics are another complaint. They could have been a lot better.I was hoping for a more cartoony direction in place of graphics, but I think it ended up being kinda cartoony and kinda typical 3d....and I think it looks like nothing special. DOA4 came out a couple years ago and looked better....or at least as good. I know they were going for a style but I don''t think they pulled it off....the characters stand out obviously from whatever stage background you're playing in and it just looks weird to me. The 3d backgrounds are cool, with some minor interactions like tree branches in the forest level.

When I started playing single player I was asked if I wanted to turn Arcade mode on. Arcade mode lists you on XBL so people can randomly interupt your game and you battle....just like when someone plops themselves next to you in an arcade and inserts 50 cents. It's a cool idea, but I got annoyed since I couldn't progress through one stage without someone interupting my game for a challenge. I think a lot of people are playing right now since it came out yesterday, so maybe it wouldn't be as annoying a couple weeks from now.

I need to hurry this up since I need to go shopping for my wife for Valentine's day...

Tutorial mode exists, but it's like every other training mode in any fighting game....unless I've missed something in the menues. You pick a fighter, and an AI fighter, and he either stands there while you practice moves on him, or you can set him to attack or counter or whatever. I didn't play tutorial long, I might have missed something obvious, and I hope I did, because this was a major selling point for me....I thought I'd learn to get good at fighters....or at kleast not suck like i do now.

I'll say more as I play far it's not a bad fighter, just not as outstanding as I'd wished, but maybe that's my fault.   read

6:48 AM on 12.22.2008

Is Left 4 Dead now 'infected' by cheaters? What I'm hoping for in the form of a patch and DLC...

There are plenty of 'glitches' in Left 4 Dead for the 360, but there's one in particular that bothers me. People have discovered that the Hunter is strong enough to push some large environment objects around, such as the forklift among others in 'No Mercy'. It's in the elevator level, at the top of the building where the survivors have one last stretch before making it to the safe house. Below is a link to a video, though most of you have likely experienced it, or have caused this to happen.

I usually don't mind exploiting cheap tricks, but this has been happening in what seems like every other verses games I've been playing this past week. Each time, the Special Infected team either... 1) Kills the Survivors because they're trapped....2) Drains them down to no health and then moves the blocking object...or... 3)The Survivors all start crying and quit. Usually a mixture of 3 and the other two happen.

I'll admit, the first time this happened, I was a special infected and I thought it was pretty funny. The survivors were also having a fun time, no one quit or even complained, and eventually my team moved the object and we continued our game. But a week later I first started seeing it, it's not funny anymore, and when it happens it throws a wrench into the flow of a good, fair match.

When the inevitable DLC hits Xbox LIVE, I'm hoping Valve can include an update and make the forklifts unmovable. I'm also hoping for some more verses maps....seriously.

What do you guys think of the elevator blocking glitch, am I just being a whiny little baby or is this pissing other people off? Also, what are you guys hoping for in the future DLC?   read

11:43 AM on 10.23.2008

Piracy in Asia- Some first hand info

The following are some of what I've witnessed first hand over the past 3 years in my travels through China and Thailand. Below is what Gears of War 2 looks like in Thailand....costs $5 (150 Baht) On sale about two weeks early!

China is the bootleg capital of the world. Everything is made in China, so it makes perfect sense that if anything is to be leaked or ripped off it'd happen hear first. I've heard from bootleg game sellers that some game are shipped from the south, Guangdong Province. I've heard Shenzhen mentioned when I inquired about GTA 4. That game was released about a week before the street date in the States. China gets first dibs on games before everyone, because if a game is released in Japan or Europe before America, or the other way around, then China has it first, too. The first games that come to mind are Battle Fantasia and Guilty Gear 2:Overture...both were out several months in China before America because they were the Japanese language versions.

360 Games cost about 85 cents US....right now a regular can get games for 7 CNY. That's in a bigger city, it's 5 or 6 CNY in smaller cities. Games are sold 7 CNY per disc, so an RPG will cost a couple bucks more. Wii games cost 2 CNY less since they're not DL-DVDs.

The discs in China are factory printed, very professional looking. They also give you a DVD case Insert, though it's printed cheap on A4 paper and is often fades and crappy looking. The face of the disc is often different than the actual game disc, it'll have the name in Chinese on it somewhere as well as the logo of whatever bootleg company printed it. Some of them look cool, other's not so cool, a low-rez screen shot with the Xbox 360 logo in the wrong place.

Ive seen bootleg dealers selling games in bulk to shops....they dress casual and keep the games in a backpack. The shop keeper looks through what he has and buys bulk. If there's a Chinese version of the game (Originally from say, Singapore) they buy the Chinese version of the game and sometimes the Japanese, otherwise they buy the English version. A friend of mine bought Halo 3 in China and the game's menus and text are in English but the cinema's audio is in Chinese...pretty hilarious to watch :)

Consoles cost around the same price as in America, maybe a little less, no more than $50, and it depends on how good you are at bartering. Also if you buy extra controllers or other accessories they come down in price. You usually get something like 10 free games of your choice. Xbox 360s come modded to play the bootlegs , as well as the Wii. There's no mod yet for the PS3, which is why it isn't so popular in China and SE Asia! Accessories such as controllers usually cost around $45 for the wireless 360 controller. I think other controllers for other consoles are the same as in America.


Games in Thailand a year and a half ago were personally burnt onto blank DL-DVDs by shop owners, not factory printed like in China or like they are in Thailand today. They cost 200 Baht in Bangkok, so about $6 US, or 150 Baht in North Thailand. The disc looks like crap, just a burnt DVD with the name of the game (one of mine was misspelled, "gear of war' instead of "Gears of War") written on with a sharpie. The DVD case insert is high quality printing, though...thicker than normal paper and glossy and nice, like the real thing but not
rounded off on the edges like an official games insert.

Pirates, What goes around Comes around
I bought my console in Thailand a couple years ago. I was going to school in Thailand and finally broke down and bought a 360 after Gears of War came out and my friends were telling me how awesome it was. I paid close to $500 for a premium console, it was modded already, and they let me pick 3 games. I didn't buy it because it was modded, and I guess to my defense modded ones were all that are available.
My consoles Video out (yellow plug) stopped working after two weeks...only it wasn't the cable but the console itself. The only way I could play it is if I had a tv with component (red, blue and green inputs) but I didn't. So, for the first 5 months I couldn't play my 360. I'd paid for a year of LIVE which was being eaten up while I couldn't play...and even if I could I found out in the two weeks my box worked that my DSL speed in Bangkok wasn't enough to connect with any friends in America. After I moved to China later that year, I was able to play with friends on Live for a good month or so before I was banned from Live for having a Modded box.

What goes around I guess. I'm not gonna try and justify my purchase, my only defense is that a modded console was all that was available to me, but no one forced me to play the bootlegs, which got me banned. I don't encourage stealing or piracy in any way   read

10:59 AM on 10.22.2008

Far Cry 2 delay?

In my humble opinion Far Cry 2 isn't getting enough love on the main page. When this amazing looking shooter didn't come out on the 21st like expected, and no one seemed to notice or care, I was pretty shocked. This game looks to me like the game of the year, at least in regards to the FPS genera, why am I not hearing more about it?

The map editor alone looks like it'll eat up countless hours of my time, this is the kind of thing Halo 3 should have had.

Anyone know any more about a release date, I'm hearing "Fall 2008" still...

Show the love people?   read

9:08 AM on 04.26.2008

GTA IV Bootleg Now Available in Ch1na (Minor spoilers)

I was searching torrents last night and I saw that GTA 4 was already online. In the year that arI've lived here(Ch1na) I've noticed that as soon as a game is leaked online, and sometimes before, it's available here. It happened with Mass Effect, over a week before it's Stateside happened with Mario Cart Wii, and now it's happened with GTA IV.

I talked to a video game shop owner that I'm buds with who told me that It rived here on a plane from a city near Hong Kong. He's charging 8 RMB for it....2 more than the usual 6 RMB. (1 US Dollar is around 7.1 RMB.

I don't want to give much away...and have only played it for an hour so I can't give much...but I LOVE the new melee fighting system. If you lock onto someone, your B button is punch, Y is some kind of additional punch, X is kick...and A is dodge. It's a lot better than the usual 'punch punch punch, kick on the ground kick, on the ground, steal their glowing money wad' melee... but yes there still are glowing wads of cash on dead bodies.

A Hardcore music station called L.C.H.C is a nice touch, playing a ton of fast, old school hardcore. Really with there was a metal station, though. Also a hilarious Right-Wing Conservative talk radio station ha ha.

Not sure how I feel about the new 'dating sim' elements... but maybe it'll grow on me.

Some images below...notice that bootlegs in Ch1na are pretty high quality....they're factory printed, with golden surfaces...not blue or purple like a regular DVD+/- R. Bootlegs in Thailand however are regular DVD-Rs.


1:13 AM on 03.16.2008

Dtoid Banned in Ch1na- Also first blog post

This is my first blog so please go easy :)

I usually use a certain 3 initials long program that starts with a V to connect to the internet here in Ch1na. I live in a big city, and I won't name it because I don't want to get flagged and kicked out of the country ha ha.

Anyway, thought everyone would be interested to find out that is one of many website in Ch1na that blocked. Other sites such as wikipedia and some days youtube are blocked regularly. On days that you can connect to youtube, many you can reach the homepage, but after you make a search the next page come up blank.

Just thought the community here would like to know that your Dtoid is on the 'naughty' list over here :)   read

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