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For those that didn't know. The Catherine demo was put on the Japanese PSN store yesterday. Obviously for crazy ATLUS fans we all had our Japanese PSN accounts ready and downloaded it faster than a fighter jet. As for the game? Well I can say that Catherine is not for everybody, even I was skeptical when I saw the gameplay trailer. But I'm going to give you a little feel for how I thought the game was.


At the start of the demo we start with our unlucky hero Vincent, who appears to be dreaming. Everything seems odd to him as he appears to be in a staircase world filled with sheepmen who strive to climb to the top.

The gameplay in Catherine is in basic terms "climbing by moving blocks around". But that doesn't mean it isn't fun. You must guide Vincent to the top of the staircase to reach a heavenly door at the top, which allows him to wake up from his crazed nightmare. Things are made harder for you as you're being chased by a massive pair of hands that want to pierce your heart with a fork. In the demo of Catherine there isn't always a clear path to help you reach the top. Moving blocks is essential to progression or you may find yourself in pieces of bloody flesh after being mashed into a wall by a fork. Vincent can only move up one block so you have to be very fast. Being fast is key in Catherine, you have to think it as well as move it. In the second stage that I played I died 3 times because I was too slow and was unable to move the blocks fast enough. I also felt that as the enemy below was getting closer I began to be put under pressure and moving blocks into wrong positons and essentialy trapping myself as. I was even shouting at my TV as I was killed. But I kept on playing and I'm glad I did.

Not so unlucky right now, eh?

As for the Plot, well I don't understand a word of Japanese. But there appears to be many Persona 4 esque talking scenes. But I did notice a lot more Anime cutscenes which are always good. One other thing to note is that ATLUS really did well with the graphics in the game. Their style looks very good in HD.
If you havent got the demo yet I strongly suggest you try it out.
So far I can't wait for Catherine, and I hope it gets a Western release.
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Well my Pokemon Black recently arrived and I opened the packaging like a starving psychopath that just found a chocolate bar. I'm not going to spoil too much for anyone so I'm just going to give you what I think of the game so far. Keep in mind that I've only just beaten the first gym leader(s?).

So far the game is amazing, however it doesn't feel like Diamond and Pearl were. If that makes sense. For starters the opening (as I'm sure most of you have seen already) seems very different from anything we've seen before in a Pokemon game, something about it makes the game feel darker. And the game does feel darker, I can't understand Japanese at all but from what I've seen it looks like the antagonists of this game are some kind of crazy Pokemon cult. Still I may be wrong because I'm not that far into the game and I don't know Japanese.

Another thing that makes this game different from the rest of the series is the new Pokemon that appear in the game. Most of what I've seen so far are some pretty bad or thoughtless designs and recycled ideas. (Do we really need another fire monkey, Nintendo?) I won't lie I have seen some cool-ish Pokemon on some of the websites but so far the only cool thing I've seen is the grass and water starters.

The battles however have barely changed at all. All that's different is that you can see your full Pokemon's body and that they are always moving. This makes battles feel more realistic and fluid. And believe me there is nothing cooler than seeing Tsutaaja (I think that's the grass starters name) tap his foot impatiently on the ground and fold his arms like a bad-ass. The music in the game is also top-notch as usual, the music also changes as the battle progresses. For example it will change when your Pokemon has low HP. It's little things like this that make the game really enjoyable. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go figure out where the hell to go next!

Not much has changed in this game apart from the new Pokemon and camera views.

4:11 PM on 07.11.2010

Spain have won the world cup, just saying. This might be a video game site but whatever!


3:12 AM on 07.09.2010

Being one of the few people that doesn't own a copy of Half-Life 2, I thought this contest might be worth entering as I have been told that Half-Life 2 is amazing.

Why I want it

I'm not a big fan of FPS games but I do have Halo 3, Resistance 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Fallout 3 and COD MW2. All of which I had a mediocre experience with. Except with Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3. The reason I didn't like the the others was because I didn't feel that they gave me an interesting experience. Left 4 Dead encouraged team work and Fallout 3 made you make lots of decisions that can affect you and the world around you. The other games were just shoot the bad guys and move on, maybe get a cut-scene then shoot some more bad guys.

From what I have heard Half-Life 2 makes the FPS experience more enjoyable by using puzzles and developing a great plot as well as shooting bad guys. If this is true then sign me up! Most of the plot I find in a FPS game is boring and simple but if the plot in Half-Life 2 is as good as everyone is saying then I'll be willing to play through it.

.....I don't know what else to say......

Oh yeah, GRAVITY GUN!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!

That is why I want Half-Life 2. But the decision is in Asdman's hands or I'll have to buy it and I am always broke. ALWAYS.
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11:02 AM on 03.29.2010

Since I can't wait for Persona 5 even though its just been announced, I decided to play Persona 2 Innocent
Sin and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. I am enjoying both, but for some reason I suck more than a $1 hooker at Persona 2. I decided to stop playing it and continue when I have completed Strange Journey. However while playing Persona 2 I realized that this game could teach teens these days some important life lessons. Also note that this very serious

Persona 2 Teaches your Kids how to use there Education

At the start of Persona 2 you are given the option of actually choosing where to take your education. You can either stay at school to learn some more or piss off and become some guy that spends most of his time being unemployed and playing video games for the rest of his life. Of course I have no idea if this actually makes any difference to the game as I am too lazy to go find out.

Persona 2 Teaches Kids about Sunbeds and not to use Them

Persona 2 was released 1999 in Japan and even then it was telling kids and adults not to use sunbeds. Sunbeds can cause burned skin, which can then lead to skin cancer, but only recently have people in the UK started bitching about how too many teens use them. Maybe if Innocent Sin was released outside of Japan not as much people would have had skin cancer. Proof that ATLUS games CAN SAVE LIFES.

Even hot girls in Persona 2 aren't using sunbeds.

Clearly the other side effects of using Sunbeds, hitting on school kids.

Persona 2 Teaches Kids not to Become Fat

Being fat is not only unattractive but it means that your dreams of becoming an assassin or like Solid Snake will never come true. Teens should realize that being fat IS A BAD THING. Seriously most people in Japan aren't that fat and I have a feeling that its because of this game.

Persona 2 Teaches Kids not to Smoke

Kids in the UK smoke. OK, they just do. Why the hell do they do that? I have no idea. If only they knew that if you smoke you will never be able to run again. EVER. Why is there no sprint button in the Metal Gear Series, because Snake smokes, but Snake is a badass so it evens out. If only we knew... if only..

In Conclusion
If Persona 2 Innocent Sin was released outside of Japan we may have been able to achieve world peace and become the healthiest people we can be. Remember though these are only a few of the life lessons that Persona 2 can teach you. This version also has a boss were you fight against Hitler, which proves that Hitler was not only a bad guy, but a weak pussy who couldn't kill some Japanese School Kids.

I hope that you enjoyed this because it is the first C-Blog that I have written that isn't completely trying make fun of something.
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People should really just ignore dicks like this on Destructoid but I couldn't resist.

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