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3:19 PM on 03.08.2010

Well Final Fantasy XIII is released tomorrow and I can't wait to play it... maybe.

I've decided to show the shit things about each Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy

The crap things about this one are the lack of real characters and good plot. Seriously you make four characters name all of them "Ass" or "Gay" or "Fuk" and proceed to go kill a knight who wants to knock you down. Then after some dungeons you fight Chaos and you win. NOW PISS OFF AND PLAY THE SECOND ONE!

Final Fantasy II

This one actually had some characters and a plot that always makes me think of Star Wars, yknow with rebels and shit and a bad guy with the evilness of Darth Vader. The only crap thing was the god damn weapon leveling thing which in my opinion sucked balls.

Final Fantasy III

I liked this one despite the crappy last boss the "Cloud of Darkness" I kinda thought that killing Xande would be enough but then this bitch ruins it all! But damn I would bump her if she looked the way she did in Dissidia.

Final Fantasy IV

This had a proper plot and some awesome characters, of which I all named "Ass" for the lulz. This introduced the ATB battle system which was simply a polished way of saying "wait while this annoying bar fills up then attack, then wait again and again and again until this Goblin is dead" it wasn't that bad but it certainly wasn't the best.

Final Fantasy V

That is all.

Final Fantasy VI

The first Final Fantasy to have a woman as the leading main character. The only thing I hated was that Espers made you learn magic which if you think about it, took away the magic of Terra and Celes being the only magic users in the game. Plus am I the only person that thinks that Kefka is a complete ripoff of The Joker from Batman.

Final Fantasy VII

I'm scared to actually write anything or the fans will rip me apart limb from limb. Materia was pretty cool. However stupid depressed Cloud Strife was not.

Final Fantasy VIII

I actually never got very far in this one because of the annoying Draw thing to get magic. The game actually forced me to grind for magic just to stay alive. Not Cool.

Final Fantasy IX

Perfect nothing wrong with IX at all!

Final Fantasy X

Seems like an on-rails RPG to me all you do is follow a path and fight until you reach the end of the path and win.

Final Fantasy XI

XI is sort of different from the rest of the series. Its like your incredibly hot cousin that you would totally do but wont cause thats your cousin and that is wrong. All you really do in XI is grind so not much to say really.

Final Fantasy XII

Fucking Vaan, Fucking Vaan and Fucking Gambits! I hates this, it failed I wish it never happened! Leave XII! Just LEAVE! Just GO!

This shows that I hated some things from the Final Fantasy's and hated a few as well so when your playing Final Fantasy XIII and you hate something dont go Fucking Crazy. Because every Final Fantasy has a flaw except IX that one rocks!

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